Hint: It's a simple way of living that we totally support.
Lagom Is Pinterest's Biggest Home Decor Trend, Not Hygge
Credit: vicnt/Getty Images

We borrow phrases from languages all that time for sentiments we can't quite capture in English and, as we saw with the Hygge boom of recent times, a lot of that carries over into design and aesthetic descriptors. Pinterest released its 2018 Home Report this week and it shows a massive spike in searches for another Scandinavian word: Lagom.

Pinterest searches for the Swedish word went up 905% over the past year, implying people—or at least Pinners—are interested in adapting the "less-is-more Lagom lifestyle into their homes." Lagom is loosely translated to mean "just the right amount" or "not too little, not too much," and has even been the subject of a few books in the past year that explore this idea of a balanced lifestyle.

In 2014, a bi-annual magazine was launched with the singular focus of Lagom and eponymously named. When comparing Hygge to Lagom, creative director and co-editor of Lagom magazine, Elliot Stocks, said "Hygge is a momentary state of bliss, while Lagom is a way of living."

The uptick in interest for Lagom coincides with a growing focus on "mindfulness," saves of which went up 248% in Pinterest year over year. With this more deliberate attention to self-care, from your mental to physical well-being, it only makes sense there would be an expanding effort to create living spaces that promote balance, clarity, and a strong sense of identity.

But it's a broad search to plug into an image discovery platform—just "Lagom" by itself—because it's not really a specific type of furniture or structural design. And if you search the term alone, Pinterest yields a lot of memes rather than examples of immaculately refined and coordinated dwellings.

I sifted through the mix of boards and pins so you don't have to, and I've come out the other side with three qualities to associate with the Lagom vibe: crisp, high-quality, and sharp. If you want some visual inspirations to get your Lagom on, scroll through the images below.