The 7 Best Window Fans for Cooling Your Home, According to Thousands of Reviews

The winner is the Holmes Dual 8-Inch Twin Window Fan.

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To keep your home cool and your utility bills low, you may want to invest in a window fan. Not only do these practical appliances use a lot less energy than air conditioners, but they also circulate air and cool down larger areas much more effectively than your average tower fan or stand-up option.

Most of them also double as exhaust fans, which push the hot air from your home outside. This makes them especially handy in the kitchen, on higher floors, and other high-temperature areas.

To help you find the right option for your needs, we scoured thousands of reviews from shoppers to see which window fans they love the most. The options, detailed below, all have near-perfect customer ratings, along with plenty of five-star reviews from shoppers describing why they are actually worth the money.

Coming in at number one, the Holmes Dual 8-Inch Twin Window Fan is constructed with water-resistant motors and boasts a three-year warranty.

From twin window fans to options that cool the whole house and affordable picks, these are the seven best window fans that shoppers use to keep their homes cool:

Best Overall: Holmes Dual 8-Inch Twin Window Fan

Window Fan with Twin

With more than 8,000 five-star ratings, this powerful window fan from Holmes has earned its spot as the best-selling household window fan on Amazon as of this writing. The twin fan boasts a digital thermostat, two fan speeds, and water-resistant motors, so you don't have to worry about removing the fan from the window if it's raining out. It should fit in windows of most sizes, and it comes with a three-year warranty. What makes this fan stand out is the quality materials used in its construction and its durability. "We got two of them and use them to move air through the house," wrote one shopper. "It works great. The fan is pretty quiet. Compared to other fans we have had this is super quiet. I love the options and how well it works at keeping the house cool."

Best Affordable: Comfort Zone 9-Inch Twin Window Fan

Window Fan with Twin

It may only be $34, but thousands of Amazon shoppers say this affordable window fan by Comfort Zone will keep your house just as cool as a more expensive model. In addition to two fan speeds, the appliance features two fan units that work as both cooling and exhaust fans. Even better, it comes with a removable cover to keep the fan from getting dusty when not in use. "I needed a little extra airflow/ventilation for my home office, so I looked around for a cheap solution," said one reviewer. "This was it! It took seconds to install—the noise level is minimal (not silence, but quite bearable)—still [lets] airflow through even when it's turned off. It's not an expensive model, but it works great for me!"

Best Whole House: Air King 20-Inch Whole House Window Fan

Window Fan with Twin

Amazon shoppers say this 20-inch window fan by Air King is big enough to cool down the entire house with just the push of a button. It features three different speeds and will fit windows that range in size between 27 and 38 inches wide and up to 26.25 inches high. What's more, its power cord is 7 feet long, so it can easily reach outlets that aren't next to a window. "This fan is everything you'd hope for," said one customer. "Very powerful and has no feelings of 'cheapness' or corners cut in the design. The noise level is about the same as an older model air conditioner. However, if you're smart and install it in a way to be an exhaust fan in a different room away from your bed, then you barely hear it, you enjoy quiet consistent breezes and you can drop the temperature on whole levels of your house with one piece of equipment."

Best Twin: Genesis 9-Inch Twin Window Fan

Window Fan with Twin

This twin fan by Genesis has an impressive 4.5-star rating from over 5,000 shoppers thanks to its ability to cool rooms quickly and efficiently. Along with reversible airflow capabilities, the fan has three speed settings to choose from and a built-in thermostat that ranges from 60 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit. "This is the best purchase for a twin fan," said one reviewer. "Can be used in a window or on a table, works really well. Cools the house down. I don't use AC, so this is perfect and feels like AC is in my house. I have purchased three of these fans now, and I have to say [it's] the best investment."

Best With Remote Control: Bionaire 8.5-Inch Twin Window Fan

Window Fan with Twin

This Bionaire window fan is popular among Amazon shoppers because of its easy-to-use LED control panel and its remote control, so you can change the temperature settings from across the room. It has reversible airflow blades, meaning it can draw cool air in and push hot air out, and it has three fan speeds to choose from. "I love this window fan," said one customer. "After my apartment is closed up all day with 80–90 degree temperatures, it will cool the place down in 30 minutes. Also good while cooking, these fans will clear out any odors and still bring in fresh outside air. I bought a portable A/C unit, and have not needed it in two years. I'm sensitive to humid and warm temperatures, but this is better on an electric bill. Remote control is good while sleeping."

Best Adjustable Option: Comfort Zone Twin Window Fan

Window Fan with Twin

While most window fans have adjustable accordion extenders built in, this option by Comfort Zone has one of the longest ranges we've seen—it can fit in windows ranging from 23.5 to 37 inches wide. It has three speed settings, and it comes with two snap-on feet in case you'd rather use it as a tabletop fan. "Our air conditioner failed during the heat of July. We purchased this fan to pull in cool outdoor air at night," said one shopper. "The fan worked perfectly. The accordion style extenders ensured proper fit in the window. This created efficient cool airflow into the room. Without this fan we would have not have enjoyed the two weeks our air conditioner was out of commission."

Best Shutter Fan: Sailflo 8-Inch Shutter Window Fan

Window Fan with Twin

This top-rated Sailflo window fan has shutters on the outside to prevent backdrafts from entering the house. Shoppers say it's easy to install and use: All you have to do is pull the attached rope once or twice to start the cooling or exhaust functions, respectively. According to the brand, the quiet yet powerful motor should last for up to 9,000 hours, so you should get plenty of use out of the fan. "This fan is pulling out all the hot air in my garage to make the temperature much cooler," said one customer. "The shutter flaps closes when it's not on and opens up when it's on. The noise is not bad considering the suction. My two car garage cools down about five minutes of running this at full power."

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