Here’s how to get the best bang for your buck.

By Allison Ingram

Toilet paper, bathroom tissue, or simply TP—whatever you dub it, the bathroom staple is today’s unavoidable expense for nature’s call. And in a sea of plys and claims of “super-absorbent” or “ultra-durable,” some stack above the rest to offer the most bang for your roll.

When shopping for value, Consumer Reports recommends comparing costs by the number of square feet per package, factoring in you’ll likely use less sheets with multi-ply rather than single ply. But don’t assume comfort increases with the count; most claims of “ultra-strong” or “extra-soft” are null, as are sizes like “jumbo” or “mega-sized.” Bulk packaging doesn’t always imply a better deal, so study the price-per-roll sticker at supermarkets or whip out your phone calculator to ensure there’s actually a bargain. Finally, aim for environment-friendly choices made from recycled papers and septic-safe options that dissolve easily to avoid a costly headache down the road.

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