They cover the trifecta: cute, durable, and machine-washable. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated August 20, 2018
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Best Reusable Grocery Bag Amazon, light gray tote
Credit: Amazon

When I first ordered this set of unassuming cotton tote bags off of Amazon, I had no clue they would eventually become my go-to reusable grocery bag, my favorite gym bag, and my best-loved book-transporting bag. Now, more than one year since they were Amazon-Primed to my door, these basic tote bags have earned the top spot in my gigantic reusable tote bag collection.

Before I go on, I should explain: one half of my bedroom closet floor is dedicated to my reusable bag collection. I have totes I've picked up from work, got for free at events, bought at book fairs, or received with my latest Anthropologie purchase. Dozens of smaller bags are stuffed into giant IKEA FRAKTA bags, which are absolutely indispensable for toting laundry or carrying bigger purchases home on the subway. And while it's a lot of closet real estate to devote to reusable bags, I reach for one of the smaller totes almost every morning, whether to carry my gym clothes, laptops, or books. And as I use them almost every day, there's one set I find myself reaching for most often: this light gray cotton tote bag ordered on Amazon.

Big enough to hold a laptop, yet small enough to crumple into my desk drawer when not in use, this 16.5-by-17.5-inch tote bag is perfectly sized. Plus, its stylish light gray color and sleek design make it cute enough to carry around town, and even bring along to brunch or happy hour. The dove gray hue matches my mostly neutral-color wardrobe, but there are 10 color options to choose from, including hot pink, navy, and sky blue, so there's a color to complement every outfit.

Priced at just $18 for a set of four, each bag is less than a $5 investment, and over the past year, they've proven to be worth every penny. When a bag gets dirty after a trip to the park or beach, I just toss it into the washing machine and it comes out looking brand-new. And as someone who tends to overfill bags with groceries, I haven't experienced a single ripped seam or broken strap with these ultra-durable bags. This inexpensive, under-$20 purchase I didn't think twice about at the time may now be one of my best Amazon buys to date.