Because it's impossible to find anything in that cluttered suitcase. 

By Katie Holdefehr
August 08, 2019
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If it takes you 30 minutes to dig through your cluttered suitcase just to grab a toothbrush or pull out your pajamas, you're doing it wrong. The big problem: If all of the items are packed in the main section of the suitcase, they quickly jumble together (especially after multiple flights, taxi rides, and days spent living out of a suitcase). The solution: separate the items into easy-to-find categories—such as delicates, sleepwear, and work outfits—then use packing cubes to organize and separate each category. Packing cubes are travel bags in various sizes designed to slip into your suitcase and hold everything from toiletries to footwear. And lucky for you, we've rounded up some of the best packing cubes around so you can sort your suitcase no matter your style. Order one of the sets below, then spend more time enjoying your trip, and less time hunting for that missing pair of socks. 

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Packing Cubes in Trendy Blush or Terrazzo

The secret to having not only the most organized suitcase at the airport, but also the most on-trend? Order one of these packing cube sets from Calpak, which come in a blush pink hue, a terrazzo motif, or a marbled pattern. The best part: the blush and marble sets cost less than $50. 

To buy: From $48 for a set of 5,


Ultra Lightweight Packing Cubes

The brilliance of eBags packing cubes is all in the details. They're spring-loaded, so they hold their shape when you fill them. Plus, each bag has a handle, making it easier than ever to grab your toiletries bag on your way through the airport security line. And did we mention they're super lightweight, so they won't add bulk to your suitcase?  

To buy: Hyper-Lite Travel Packing Cubes, $50 for 7,


Chic Leather Packing Cubes

Use a packing cube, but make it fashion. Cuyana's stylish leather cubes are ideal for stashing jewelry, hair accessories, and delicates. Pair the large jewelry case with a smaller mini case in a coordinating color. For toiletries and makeup, add on the colorful (and convenient!) travel case set.  

To buy: $115,

Topo Designs

The Complete Packing Cube Set for Adventurers

Designed for explorers, backpackers, and those on the go, this modular travel set has thought of everything. There's a Dopp kit for toiletries, plus three smaller accessories bags, which all tuck neatly into the travel bag. 

To buy: $249 for set,