I always thought memory foam pillows were too hard and uncomfortable—this one has changed my mind.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated August 29, 2018
Best memory foam pillow - beautyrest absolute luxury pillow
Credit: sleepworld.com

Memory foam pillows have never interested me. When I picture my dream bed, it’s filled—literally filled—with soft, plush, cushy down pillows that I can sink into. It doesn’t help that every memory foam pillow I’ve encountered has felt hard, immobile, and uncomfortable… at least until the Beautyrest Black Absolute Luxury Pillow came into my life.

Originally, I planned to give the pillow a try for one night, just to say I tried it, and then send it to the back of my bed in favor of my preferred pillow. (One that, admittedly, I’ve clung to for far too long—it was long past time to replace it.) But that one night turned into two nights, and then three, and now I’ve been sleeping happily with my head cushioned by this memory foam pillow for weeks—and I can’t imagine giving it up.

Unlike the (admittedly low-cost) memory foam pillows I’ve encountered in the past, the Beautyrest Black Absolute Luxury Pillow is just soft enough to be comfortable (and tolerable to my soft pillow–loving self) while still offering amazing support. It completely holds its shape no matter how much I toss and turn or whether I’m sleeping on my stomach, back, or side, and somehow allows me—already a deep sleeper—to sleep better than I ever have before.

Together with my gravity blanket and uber-comfortable, thread count–free sheets, this memory foam pillow is helping me wake up feeling rested, refreshed, and completely rejuvenated, and with fewer cricks in my neck from sleeping funny. The pillow is also large, square, and firm enough that I never wake up feeling like I’m sleeping on the edge of it, or like all the cushioning in it shifted during the night.

But this pillow isn’t just comfortable—it also has a cool-to-the-touch surface and can dissipate heat, so warm sleepers can have a little relief. The cover also has allergen-reducing capabilities. I wouldn’t call myself an absolute memory foam pillow convert just yet, but this oh-so-comfortable pillow has convinced me that not all memory foam pillows are rock-hard.

The Beautyrest Black Absolute Luxury Pillow is available from a variety of brick-and-mortar retailers (visit beautyrest.com to find one near you) or online (To buy: $150; sleepworld.com).