I wanted a kitchen mat to hide the ugly floor tiles in my rental apartment’s kitchen, but this one does so much more than that.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated October 12, 2018
Comfort Play Mat kitchen floor mat
Credit: comfortdesignmats.com

Without this kitchen mat, my cookspace would be a disaster—thankfully, this cushioned floor mat makes it pretty and more practical.

Renting an apartment has its pros and cons, but one of the biggest cons is that I can’t tackle any renovations to make the space better suit my tastes. Nowhere is this more obvious than in my kitchen.

In the grand scheme of things, it’s a great kitchen: perfectly functional, spacious, and with plenty of natural light. But if I could, the very first thing I would change is the linoleum tiling on the floor. It has clearly seen plenty of residents come and go, and even when it was brand new, I doubt it could be called particularly pretty.

The obvious solution, as a renter, is to cover it up, but any home chef knows you can’t just throw a rug down in the kitchen. (Unless you want it trampled, spilled-on, damp, and smelly within a month, of course.) Thus began my hunt for the perfect kitchen mat, which lasted about eight months and ended with my discovery of Comfort Design Mats.

These foam mats come in pretty colors and patterns. They’re cushioned, and they’re waterproof. They’re also large enough, at 6 ½ by 4 ½ feet, to cover a good swath of space, with no gaps or seams for liquid and crumbs to seep through. In my kitchen, one of these mats covers the bulk of the exposed floor, hiding its cracked and stained surface from view.

Confession time: Comfort Design Mats are made to be safe, clean playmats for young children. I’ve made no secret of my love for the design and practicality of child-intended products, including this gorgeous diaper bag, and in this case, the features that make Comfort Design Mats perfect for babies also makes them perfect for kitchens.

They’re non-toxic, inflammable, and hypoallergenic, which keeps infants safe but also means they are safe to have near food prep areas. Skid-free and cushioned for safe playtime, they’re equally comfortable and safe additions to the kitchen. And they’re made to be wiped clean of baby-related messes, which are much messier and more difficult to clean than your standard kitchen spill. Plus, they’re reversible, so if something truly tragic happens to one side, I can flip mine over for the same pretty look.

And, of course, those ugly tiles are covered—all those other things are just super-practical bonuses.

Comfort Design Mats are available in 10 stylish patterns, to suit any kitchen or playroom, and cost $150 each.