It's amazing how the right set of gloves almost makes me look forward to dishwashing now. 

By Alex Richards
Updated June 05, 2018
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Casabella Waterblock Gloves

I don’t love doing dishes. Does anyone? Sure, it’s a solid 20 minutes where I can listen to a podcast uninterrupted, and the house looks noticeably cleaner when I’m done, but there’s actually a lot to hate. Like, the way my hands are torn to shreds when I’m done. My nails are a mess, my hands are red and rough and dry from the scalding hot water. Oh, and there’s the fact that my shirt sleeves are always soaked by the time I’m finished.

I’ve bought rubber gloves before. The crappy kind from the drugstore that never fit right and start to go moldy and break after a few weeks? Yeah, I’m so done with those. That’s why I decided to up my cleaning game and do some actual research. Pretty soon, I found the gloves everyone was raving about on the internet. They’re called Casabella Waterblock Gloves, and they’re the ultimate solution to all my dish-doing woes.

After reading about them online, I bought two pairs. Not gonna lie, they’re snug and kind of a b*tch to get on, but that’s kind of the point, right? They’re thick enough to dull the heat of the water, but still manage to be comfortable and breathable while I wash everything from delicate wine glasses to my ginormous cast iron skillet.

Probably the biggest plus going for these gloves, though, is the double-cuff feature. Finally, a pair of gloves that are able to catch water and stop it from running down into the gloves and soaking my arms and clothes. They’re nice and long, and the drip-catching cuff is a pretty genius, fail-proof way of keeping me dry while I scrub.

It doesn’t hurt that they’re affordable. It doesn’t hurt that they come in a super cute hot pink color or that they’re ever-so-slightly vanilla-scented, either. But, my favorite part is that, after washing dishes, my hands don’t look gnarly and Disney villain-like. My nail polish hasn’t chipped, my hands aren’t red and raw, and the gloves are sturdy enough to dry without flopping over and collecting mold. These gloves are definitely taking the grunt out of kitchen sink grunt work for me.