The 6 Best Box Fans Money Can Buy, According to Reviewers

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With summer just around the bend, it makes sense that we're all on the hunt for cooling home solutions. According to Google Trends, searches for box fans are expected to peak this week. The wide, usually square-shaped fans can blow larger amounts of air than oscillating models, which makes them handy for blowing cool air into a room—and blowing hot, stale air out.

If you're curious whether a box fan is the right option for you, we have all the information you need to find out.

What to Consider When Buying a Box Fan

Your perfect box fan might not feel the same to someone else. It all comes down to personal preferences and the nature of your space. The following three considerations will help you make the best choice for your unique needs.

Dimensions: Most typical box fans clock in around 20 inches tall and wide, but if you plan to purchase one, be sure to read its exact dimensions. Case in point: This Lasko option is marketed as a 20-inch box fan, but it's actually 23.2 inches tall, which could present an issue if you're tight on space. For those who can't sacrifice the square footage, small tabletop box fans are a great alternative. In terms of depth, the fans tend to fall between 3 and 7 inches, so they can easily be placed in narrow nooks and crannies.

Weight: Tabletop box fans are often lighter than their regular-sized counterparts, which are generally around 7 to 11 pounds. Models with unique features, like a pivoting head, may weigh more due to extra hardware and wiring. If you'd like to perch your fan on a table or windowsill, that's crucial to keep in mind.

Noise Level: Every box fan is guaranteed to make noise, but some create far more than others. If you're not specifically shopping with white noise in mind, look for options whose reviews mention sound coming only from the blades, rather than the motor itself.

We used these factors and real customer reviews to find the best box fans out there. Read on to learn more about all six shopper-approved options.

Best Overall: Pelonis 3-Speed Box Fan

Box Fan and Air Purifier

This box fan from Pelonis has raked in nearly 5,000 five-star ratings for its durability, lightweight design, and incredible breeze-producing power. It also has a carrying handle, which makes it easy to transport from room to room. Reviewers have said it fills their homes with enough cool air to substantially cut down electric bills, and one even raved that it could "cause a wind tunnel on anything but the lowest setting." At just $34, you're bound to receive a great return on this investment.

Dimensions: 21.3-inch height, 20.6-inch width, 5.6-inch depth

Weight: 7.98 pounds

Noise Level: Medium. "It has a pleasant perpetual fan noise," one reviewer wrote.

Best Affordable: Lasko Classic Box Fan

Box Fan and Air Purifier

There's a reason Lasko box fans are some of the best-known options on the market. This classic model is also one of the most budget-friendly, and it has all the features you'd expect from the brand's high-quality products, like three speed settings, a built-in handle, and a sturdy steel frame. The fan's weather-resistant motor makes it safe to place in a window, and it requires no tools for assembly. As one satisfied shopper put it, "I knew I couldn't go wrong with Lasko."

Dimensions: 22.56-inch height, 21.5-inch width, 4.44-inch depth

Weight: 7.5 pounds

Noise Level: Medium to high. "It's loud, but for a cheap fan, it is powerful," one reviewer wrote.

Best Small: Black+Decker Mini Tabletop Box Fan

Box Fan and Air Purifier

This fan is compact enough to fit on a table or desk, which makes it the perfect work-from-home companion. Its three speeds are controlled through a front-facing dial for easy access. The box fan may be small, but over 1,900 five-star ratings prove its airflow still packs a punch. "I bought this fan to help circulate air in my small kitchen," said a shopper. "This thing is amazing! I actually use it as my main fan now because it's super-quiet and very effective."

Dimensions: 10.9-inch height, 10.9-inch width, 425-inch depth

Weight: 3.17 pounds

Noise Level: Low. "It moves plenty of air on all settings and doesn't make that much noise," one reviewer wrote.

Best With Filter: Lasko Air Flex 2-in-1 Box Fan and Air Purifier

Box Fan and Air Purifier

Demand for air purifiers has skyrocketed during the COVID-19 pandemic, and this Lasko device combines the same pollution-filtering mechanisms with a tried-and-true box fan. Its pleated filter is MERV10 rated, which means it captures at least 85 percent of larger particles and up to 64.9 percent of smaller ones. As a result, it removes enough dust, smoke, and pollen from the air to help those with allergies breathe easier. Its weather-shielded motor and 6-foot power cord are the cherry on top.

Dimensions: 23.2-inch height, 21.3-inch width, 6.4-inch depth

Weight: 11.92 pounds

Noise Level: Medium. "This is an air purifier for people who aren't too concerned with appearance, size, or noise, and just want a basic air purifier that has easy-to-replace filters," one reviewer wrote.

Best for White Noise: Hurricane Box Fan

Box Fan and Air Purifier

The blades on this cost-effective box fan are made of a plastic polymer. Aside from being corrosion resistant, the lightweight material prolongs the life of a fan's motor and even makes it quieter than models with metal blades. According to reviewers, the fan sits at a soothing middle ground between noisy and silent, and it even has other tricks up its sleeve. "The plastic-to-metal ratio makes it more lightweight and reduces the noise level," said one. "The outstanding feature, however, is the attached support legs. No more broken or misplaced plastic attachable legs."

Dimensions: 20-inch height, 20-inch width, 3.5-inch depth

Weight: 7 pounds

Noise Level: Medium. "This 'noise' is just right. It helps to get me to sleep and drown out unwanted noise in and around the apartment," one reviewer wrote.

Best With Remote Control: Lasko Cyclone Fan With Remote

Box Fan and Air Purifier

Yes, it's round, but the Lasko Cyclone is as effective a box fan as they come. Its pivoting head rotates up to 90 degrees and locks into place for multi-directional airflow. It also comes with an auto-off timer feature and four speed settings, all of which can be controlled from a battery-powered remote. Since the fan comes fully assembled, taking advantage of its many features is a breeze. A whopping 85 percent of Target reviewers say they'd recommend it.

Dimensions: 23.19-inch height, 21.75-inch width, 5-inch depth

Weight: 10.7 pounds

Noise Level: Low to medium. "The fan produces a very strong breeze without creating too much noise," one reviewer wrote.

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