I write about—and test—bed sheets a lot, but I still haven’t found a bed sheet set I like as much as this affordable option.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated October 31, 2018
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Bed Sheets
Credit: belchonock/Getty Images

When I was in college, convinced my money was better spent on food and clothes and adventures with my friends, my mom bought me a bed sheet set that transformed my bed, and I’ve never looked back. I had purchased two sets of super rough (but super cheap) bed sheets from a large retailer and told myself I would be fine. (I was, but I also wasn’t—they were truly awful.)

Taking pity on me, my dear mother bought me a set of PeachSkinSheets—the sheets she had recently started using—and I’ve been hesitant to sleep on any other sheets ever since. Even now, when I write about and test some of the most comfortable sheets out there for my job, I always go back to my PeachSkins. I even buy them for everyone in my family as gifts, and they’re so great that no one complains about getting sheets for Christmas.

What’s so great about PeachSkins? Where to begin. They’re made of a high-performance, athletic-grade Smart Fabric that has the feel of 1500 thread count sheets, meaning they’re super, super soft and smooth, without a too-smooth satin finish or a too-hot jersey feel. They’re easy to wash and offer temperature regulation, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

My absolute favorite thing about them, though, is how soft they are. They’re really, really soft, and for me, that’s the most important must-have for bed sheet sets. I even prefer them to hotel bed sheets, which used to be my favorites. You don’t have to just trust me on this, though—these sheets have hundreds of five-star reviews on the PeachSkin site and on Amazon.

PeachSkins come in a whopping 19 different colors and seven different sizes, including out-of-the-ordinary options such as California King and XL Twin Dorm. All sizes are priced at $80, and PeachSkin offers Colors of the Month specials, with select colors in most sizes offered at $55. (I stock up on my favorite dark colors when they’re on sale.)

My whole family swears by these sheets: I have several PeachSkin bed sheet sets, as do my mother and brother, and we’ve given them to cousins and friends as gifts. I fully acknowledge that other sheets I’ve tested—like these inexpensive luxe options—have plenty to offer and that not every sheet set is right for every person; some people only sleep on linen, and people who sweat at night may have different bed sheet set needs. For me, though, these sheets continue to be my comfortable go-tos.

PeachSkins are available on Amazon, but for the $55 Color of the Month deals, you’ll need to order from the PeachSkinSheets website.