This hue is not what we were expecting.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated October 11, 2018
Paint cans in variety of colors
Credit: Photo by Eman Jamal/Getty Images

In the interior design world, the announcement of Benjamin Moore's Color of the Year is a defining moment each fall. Along with Pantone's Color of the Year, Benjamin Moore's pick will guide designers, stylists, art directors, and homeowners alike—even if you don't realize it at first. Think, the scene from The Devil Wears Prada in which Miranda Priestly explains the significance of cerulean blue. Once the big colors of the year are chosen, you're destined to see the colors pop up on throw pillows, area rugs, and accessories as retailers eagerly jump on the trend. And at the paint store, the hues will start to appear at the front of the display, guiding you to pick it up. Lucky for us, this year's chosen color is one we'd happily brush onto the walls of our bedrooms and living rooms: Introducing, Metropolitan AF-690, a sophisticated shade of soft gray.

Metropolitan, a stylish "greige" or gray-beige we can totally see ourselves swiping onto every wall in our homes, is meant to reflect the desire for silence, or to press "pause," Ellen O’Neill, the director of strategic design intelligence at Benjamin Moore, told AD. In our current political climate, this soothing gray captures the desire to turn your home into a calming, quiet oasis. Along with putting down our phones more often and picking up a meditation habit instead, the color symbolizes the much-sought-after moment of calm.

Ready to quiet down your home's chaos? Get inspired by the Metropolitan gray spaces below, then pick up a paintbrush.

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Benjamin Moore Greige Paint in country style kitchen
Credit: Benjamin Moore

A Calmer Kitchen

No matter if your kitchen's decor style is Joanna Gaines-inspired country or sleek and modern, Metropolitan gray will work in this room. If the kitchen is the central hub of your home, this soothing hue will help balance this high-energy space.

Benjamin Moore Greige Paint in beautiful Bathroom
Credit: Benjamin Moore

A Relaxing, Luxurious Bathroom

Dreaming of a spa-like bathroom? Brush Metropolitan gray onto the walls, then add small touches like a bamboo bathmat and woven Turkish hand towels. The room where you typically rush through your morning routine in five minutes flat will instantly turn into the type of space where you want to take a long bath.

A Zen Greige Bedroom painted with Metropolitan by Benjamin Moore
Credit: Benjamin Moore

A Zen Greige Bedroom

This soft neutral lends a sense of calm to the bedroom. To keep it from feeling drab, mix in a few brighter accessories and the vibrant green of lush house plants, which will not only perk up the space but also help clear the air.

Benjamin Moore Greige Paint Bedroom
Credit: Benjamin Moore

A Calm Living Room

If the living room is your family's hangout space, paint it with this neutral shade everyone can agree on. The soothing hue will help keep the peace.