Bathtub Decoration Ideas to Add Style to Your Space

Don’t forget about this spot.

When it comes to the bathroom, it’s important to utilize every inch of space for storage and style. We pick out bold patterned shower curtains, plush bathmats, and delicate soap dishes, and then we load up our medicine cabinets, under-the-sink storage and shelves with all of the many things we need to keep on hand. But one area of the bath that is often neglected is, well, the bath. A bathtub is a major focal point in the room, and with good reason—it takes up a ton of real estate—so dressing up the areas around the tub is crucial to outfitting the perfect room. It can be tricky to figure out what to do with this awkward space though (and of course, you don’t want it to look cluttered), so we turned to the experts for their best tips on how to accessorize your bath with just a few quick add-ons. Check out these bathtub decor ideas.


Create Counter Space

Photo by Laure Joliet

If you don’t have a windowsill or ledge nearby, you can still make a place to put a book or beverage. Position a small standing shelf or table near the side of the tub, or invest in a caddy—designer Amy Sklar will sometimes use a wood cheeseboard as a makeshift one. “I love a special spot to put a candle or nice glass of wine, but I don’t always love the way traditional tub caddies look, so my secret source is the kitchen section,” she says. “Cheeseboards are much more chic.”


Pull Up a Seat

Photo by NousDecor

Your bathroom should be a place to relax and unwind, so make it an area that you can actually spend some time in by adding a place to sit. Find a garden stool or chair for a convenient place to kick back when you’re waiting for the tub to fill or you’re drying off. “Small stools of various heights are great to use,” online decorating site NousDecor’s Chief Designer, Mark Cutler, says. “I especially like to introduce natural textures, like wicker or carved wood—these pieces can make a dramatic statement.”


Bring Nature In

Photo by Jake Fitzjones/Getty Images

Add some life to your calming oasis with flowers, plants, and herbs. There are tons of potted plants that thrive in the humidity of a bathroom and keep the air clean. And, as Jessica McCarthy of the interior design site, Decorist, points out, due to the general moisture of this room, the plants will require less maintenance. And if you’re worried about where to fit one, they can really go anywhere. “Find unique places in your bathroom to add plants like the ledge of your tub,” McCarthy suggests.


Brighten Your Supplies

Photo by Marcia Prentice

Instead of a standard bath items, upgrade for some chic-looking soaps and towels that will make your bath feel more luxe. “I chose fun accessories in bright colors to let the tub shine,” Designer Karen Vidal says (see the gorgeous Turkish bath towels in the photo). “I love to use beautiful soaps and sponges to decorate a niche.” In the below bath she added sumptuous patterned towels and a ceramic vase to accent the white tub and bold tile.