We're currently swooning over these pretty spring colors, patterns, and textures.

By Madison Alcedo
Updated January 31, 2019
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Anthropologie Spring Collection 2019
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| Credit: Anthropologie

Whether you define your interior design aesthetic as more “organic” with a home filled with nature-inspired textures and patterns or have more of a “maximalist” taste combining lots of colors and mixed patterns, Anthropologie’s new spring collection has it all.

With the arrival of more than 1,000 new spring home items at Anthropologie, we’re suddenly itching at the chance to redecorate for spring. The collection, beautifully named The Life Within, is all about an understated aesthetic of lush colors and patterns, which basically translates into the perfect mix of design elements that helps turn any room into your personal sanctuary.

In general, you might expect an abundance of florals from a spring collection, but Anthropologie has released a line with a completely modern take. Expect to see muted pastels, colorful leafy patterns, and fabrics and materials like jute and bamboo. In honor of spring quickly approaching, we dare you to give your bedding an upgrade, add some murals to your blank walls, and set aside some time to reflect in your new space with some lovely candles. And if you need some inspiration to start, peep the new items we can’t stop talking about below.

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Lotus Pod Vase
Credit: Anthropologie

1 Lotus Pod Vase

Available in two different sizes, this stone vase, featuring a flower-inspired opening, is a unique addition to your collection. Display your favorite bouquets on a coffee table or bedside table for an added pop of color to any room.

To buy: $28-$38; anthropologie.com.

Paule Marrot Embroidered Posies Pillow
Credit: Anthropologie

2 Paule Marrot Embroidered Posies Pillow

Spruce up those throw pillows this spring! These colorful options are the perfect accessory for a dull couch that needs a fresh yet charming touch.

To buy: $68; anthropologie.com.

Tufted Bungalow Lamp Shade
Credit: Anthropologie

3 Tufted Bungalow Lamp Shade

Tufts—on basically anything—are the new polka dots, and we’re loving it. Available in two colors and two sizes, this lamp shade can pair with a lamp you already have or one from the spring collection.  

To buy: $78; anthropologie.com.

Cement Plant Stand
Credit: Anthropologie

4 Cement Plant Stand

For the plant-obsessed people, this planter is the perfect solution for a room that needs some serious greenery. At about 22 inches in height, it’s just tall enough to still accessorize a large room.

To buy: $98; anthropologie.com.

Embroidered Petunia Shams, Set of 2
Credit: Anthropologie

5 Embroidered Petunia Duvet Cover

Embroidery is having a moment, and this duvet cover is great way to add the trend to your bedroom. The pattern adds texture and a touch of floral without being too overpowering.

To buy: $248-$298; anthropologie.com.

Keegan Dinner Plates, Set of 4
Credit: Anthropologie

6 Keegan Dinner Plates

Available in white and a pretty pastel blue and pink, these dishes (sold in a set of four) seriously say spring. Plus, the stone makes them look super high-quality for an amazing price.

To buy: $40; anthropologie.com.

Woven Sonia Curtain
Credit: Anthropologie

7 Woven Sonia Curtain

Spring is a great time to upgrade your window treatments. This light and airy cotton curtain is sheer enough to let sunlight in at just the right time.

To buy: $78; anthropologie.com.