Give your home a fall facelift with these tips from the Welsh designer who collaborated with Anthropologie on its newest collection.

By Tamara Kraus
Updated August 29, 2018
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Anthropologie’s latest fall collection has us dreaming of cooler days–and a home revamp. The brand teamed up with Welsh designer Bethan Gray, who created three different styled collections, Rustic, Contemporary, and Eclectic, so everyone can mix up their style with some Welsh flair. Here are her expert tips on how to achieve these looks as well as her top picks from the collection, which happens to be the biggest yet.



This contemporary room uses a warm, muted, feminine color palette, which features soft pink, teal, gray and white. "Add texture by using natural materials such as soft velvets, exposed wood grains and marble," says Gray. These are often used together on the same piece to elevate the room's sophistication level. You can also try using graphic patterns across textiles and furniture and combine the soft colors with metallics to further enhance the contemporary vibe. 



Opt for eclectic if you want to combine your vintage pieces with newer contemporary items for something unique, says Gray. This goes for the furniture as well as the textiles, where different floral and figurative patterns can also be mixed and layered. Balance out bold colorful highlight pieces with a natural wood floor, which works as a neutral foundation to tie everything together. 



"Combinations of natural materials such as warm leather and colored glass, featuring craft techniques such as weave and stoneware make this casual and rustic look so appealing and comforting," says Gray. Warm wooden pieces, like this charming rattan bed, combined with calm tones such as white, cream and blue contrast each other perfectly for a cozy vibe. Add touches of brushed brass to elevate the look.