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By Martha Upton
September 01, 2020
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Since you’ve been spending more time than ever before inside this year, you’ve probably found yourself glancing around your home wondering how you could liven things up (or is this just me?). It’s for this reason that I started collecting vanity trays. The perfect combination of old-fashioned elegance and modern-day functionality, a vanity tray essentially holds your “things” but looks way more intentional than a smattering of everyday jewelry and chapstick blanketing every surface. 

Take a cue from your mother, your grandmother, Emily Gilmore (probably), and many other ladies who wear Chanel No. 5 and know that a vanity tray is just the home decor touch to show off your perfume collection, that one Chanel nail polish you splurged on, or the jewelry you wear on a daily basis and are too lazy to put back in the box every night (me). As a vanity tray enthusiast, I’ve rounded up the best options hiding in Amazon’s home section. Trust me, there’s one for every taste (and budget).


You can’t go wrong with this one. A tray that will match any surface, its gold edges give it a touch of elegance. I love how they show an example of items to put on the tray: a perfume bottle, a lipstick, and a necklace. Throw in a tiny succulent for a touch of whimsy.


I’ve had my eye on this one for a while—just like the classic gold, but more fun! Notice how they nested the small organizer inside the large one for a more interesting design? Great inspo.


If you’re looking for a little something less girly, I love this edgier wrought-iron like tray. This one would look particularly lovely with a plant nearby, evoking an earthy feel. The contrast between the black and your gold jewelry will really make your treasures shine.


Round works for some spaces better than others, and this one’s just gorgeous. I’m fairly certain this would also look spectacular on a bar cart—that’s versatility, folks.


You don’t have to tell anyone you actually didn’t find this gem in a little antique shop. Trust me, no one will know. Either of these finishes will look dainty and pretty sitting on top of your IKEA dresser.


Teen-approved, this tray is just plain cute! Nobody should be above a chic heart at any age, in my opinion, so I’d gladly let this tray hold my valuables I take off at the end of each day.