The Echo Show gives Amazon’s oh-so-clever Alexa a screen for showing news updates, security camera feeds, online videos, and more.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated July 13, 2018
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Amazon Echo Show

The Echo Show may be a newcomer to Amazon's Echo (a.k.a. Alexa) family, but the smart home device more than holds its own against more established Alexa gadgets such as the original Echo and Echo Dot. And right now is the time to get your hands on the Echo Show—it's available as an early Amazon Prime Day deal, currently here for $129 ($100 off the standard retail price of $229) for Amazon Prime Members.

So what makes the Amazon Echo Show special? Mainly, it has a screen, something earlier Alexa devices lack. The device (and its more compact sister, the Amazon Echo Spot) has a screen that can show (get it?) videos, camera feeds (if you have an accompanying safe smart home device), weather forecasts, and more.

The Echo Show also has powerful speakers, so you can blast your music, and the picture on the screen is incredibly crisp. Even when you’re not using it, the screen will depict headlines, fun facts, video teasers, and more, so you can stay informed even if you’re not talking to Alexa.

I have an Echo Spot, and my mom, who lives across the country, has an Echo Show. Our favorite use of the devices is video chatting, which we can do easily without having to hold phones or tablets in front of our faces—I just ask Alexa to call Mom, and there she is. (Both gadgets come equipped with video chatting capabilities that let you call contacts with supporting devices.)

All of the Echo Show and Echo Spot’s special features are in addition to everything Alexa can do on the Amazon Echo and Echo Dot. And let’s face it—at this point, is there anything Alexa can’t do?

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