It makes the perfect hostess gift.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated March 02, 2018
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floral Dorothea Dishware with fruit
Credit: Amazon

Amazon is the site we all turn to when we want to order a new spatula, a flashlight, an Echo Dot, but what about handmade ceramic dishes? While we once turned to specialty shops, local artists, and our beloved Etsy for unique, hand-crafted goods, Amazon has recently been getting in on the handmade maker movement. First, they launched Handmade at Amazon, and now, they've teamed up with Spanish artist Carolina Silva of Dorotea Ceramics to create a line of plates, bowls, platters, and coffee mugs. Embellished with delicate floral designs and bursts of color, every single piece in the collection is gift-worthy. The next time we're not sure what to get for a hostess gift, a bridal shower gift, or a birthday gift, we'll be set. And since the entire collection is Amazon Prime-eligible, it's guaranteed to arrive on time.

Floral Dinner Plate on set table
Credit: Amazon

Dorothea Dinner Plate

Pull these plates out at your next dinner party, then get ready for the compliments. Adorned with whimsical handmade floral designs, each ceramic plate is unique and packed with personality. And priced at just $15 each, they make luxurious handcrafted dishes affordable. 

To buy: $60 for 4;

Colorful Dorothea Fruit Bowls
Credit: Amazon

Dorothea Fruit Bowls

The next time you're hunting for a colorful housewarming present, send them this set of four bowls. From cereal in the morning to ice cream after dinner, these bowls will be reached for all day long. 

To buy: $50 for 4;

Dorothea Floral Coffee Mugs
Credit: Amazon

Dorothea Floral Coffee Mugs

The best gifts are equal parts pretty and practical, and this set of charming mugs delivers both. Order the complete set, then gift two to your bestie and keep a couple for yourself—it's a win-win. 

To buy: $48 for 4;

Dorothea Salad Bowls with floral pattern
Credit: Amazon

Dorothea Salad Bowls

These bowls are way too pretty to hide inside a cabinet. If you have open shelving in the kitchen, this set deserves a front-row spot. We could also see using these bowls to corral jewelry on the top of a dresser. 

To buy: $60 for 4;