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Learn how to buy (and clean) home and kitchen appliances, avoid expensive appliance repairs, and reuse your existing appliances in clever ways.

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23 Cooking Uses for Your Microwave

If you use this gizmo only to zap popcorn or heat up leftovers, prepare to be impressed. Here are more than 20 ways your microwave can save you time in the kitchen.

Bob Blumer's Dishwasher Salmon Recipe

You can actually cook salmon in your dishwasher. Here, directions from a Los Angeles chef and cookbook author.

My Dishwasher Leaves White Residue On My Dishes. What Can I Do?

Get your dishes sparkling again with these dishwasher fixes.

Surprising Uses for Your Dishwasher

22 items you can put in a dishwasher, 13 you shouldn't, plus how to cook salmon in it.

The Best Time to Use Your Appliances

Save money by running your dishwasher and washing machine wisely.      

Repurpose Rarely Used Appliances

Surprising things you can do with your ice cream maker, rice cooker, waffle iron, and milkshake machine.

Quick Food Processor Tricks

Use your food processor to make these common kitchen tasks easier.

5 New Cooking Uses for Your Rice Cooker

Your rice cooker has hidden talents―it can make breakfast, poach fruit, even turn out risotto.


Appliance Tricks

How to Buy Major Appliances

What you need to know before making a big-ticket purchase.