Voting on Election Day is a right, and you should absolutely do your civic duty—though voting and keeping track of election results isn’t always the easiest. Fortunately, Alexa’s here to help.

By Lauren Phillips
Updated November 02, 2018
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Alexa on Election Day - Amazon Echo Dot
Credit: Courtesy of Amazon

Election Day falls on November 6 this year, and while it may not be a presidential election year, there will still be important races to pay attention to and vote on. Key races for national, state, and local seats will be decided, and news outlets across the country will be running around-the-clock coverage—great if you have the time, energy, and inclination to follow it all, but a little overwhelming if you have other obligations throughout the day.

This year, instead of having to sift through hundreds of articles, tweets, and news clips for the information you want on races in your area, you can just ask for exactly what you want and get accurate, real-time information, all thanks to Alexa and any Amazon Echo devices you may have.

Leading up to the election, Alexa will be able to answer questions about where and when you can vote on Election Day, plus what will be on your ballot. You can even ask her about specific ballot measures in your area, thanks to a partnership with nonprofit and nonpartisan Ballotpedia.

On Election Day, you can check in with Alexa on how elections are going. Real-time updates from the Associated Press will be available, and you can ask Alexa about a general update, who’s winning in your state, and even about how candidates are doing, if you’re rooting for one in particular.

After election day, Alexa will be able to share more details about election results, including how many seats a political party may have won or lost.

If you’re a news junkie and you plan to be glued to your medium of choice all Election Day, you likely won’t need Alexa’s help; but if you want quick bits of information before, during, and after Election Day while you rush around your day-to-day activities, Alexa has you covered.

While you’re making your plan to vote on Election Day, other apps and services you use every day—including Nextdoor and Lyft—can help you find and get to your polling place.