Home Chef vs. Green Chef: A Detailed Comparison

We compared two top-rated meal kits; here's what our testers thought.

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Green Chef Salmon dish plated with recipe card

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About Home Chef

Designed to center the convenience factor of meal kits, Home Chef serves up everything from fully loaded classic meal kits to prepped and ready options that can help you get dinner on the table in no time. Menu highlights include a choice of over 35 recipes each week (not including add-ons), all categorized into kits, easy-prep kits, lunches, fresh starts, and oven-ready meals. While not oriented toward any particular diet, the menu does include labels for the following: 

  • Vegetarian
  • Calorie-conscious
  • Carb-conscious
Green Chef packaging and meal kits

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About Green Chef

Green Chef, a sister company of HelloFresh, is known for its organic offerings and plant-filled menu. Each weekly menu of meal kits has over 30 different recipes to choose from, all about eating and living green. The menu also includes recipes for these diets: 

  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Keto
  • Mediterranean
  • Fast & Fit
  • Protein Packed
Home Chef Packaging and Ingredients

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Home Chef vs. Green Chef at a Glance

Company Starting Price Delivery Area  Products Arrive  Customers Can Choose Delivery Date?  Free Shipping? 
Home Chef $8.74 per serving 48 states Fresh Yes No
Green Chef $11.99 per serving 48 states Fresh Yes No

Price Comparison

Company Starting Price per Serving Highest Price per Serving Additional Pricing
Home Chef $8.74 per serving $11.99 per serving $10.99 shipping
Green Chef $11.99 per serving $13.49 per serving $9.99 shipping

Home Chef Customer Reviews

“Home Chef does a fantastic job of nailing the convenience factor with its quick, partially prepped meals and bringing reliably tasty flavors that would please a lot of varied taste preferences." 

Home Chef Ingredients and Recipe card

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Green Chef Customer Reviews

"Green Chef couples the best elements of the meal kit experience, convenience, flavor, and fun, with the ability to eat organic on autopilot. This service is set up to serve singles and couples just as well as larger families and has a menu that's more accessible diet- and preference-wise than a lot of other top-tier kits."

Green Chef Ingredients

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Pros and Cons

Home Chef


  • Convenient partially prepared options
  • Extended portion sizes
  • Flexible scheduling


  • Meals may need support ingredients 
  • Can be costly for what you get

Green Chef


  • Certified organic 
  • Accommodates many dietary needs 
  • Broad range of serving sizes 


  • Higher starting price point

Alternatives to Home Chef and Green Chef

If you don't feel like Home Chef's convenience or the healthy and organic meals from Green Chef are meeting your needs, we recommend checking out Blue Apron or HelloFresh. If you're in the market for more of a flavor-focused experience, both of these services will come through for your taste buds, though they deliver different experiences. Blue Apron is really designed for a more refined, foodie experience, while the HelloFresh favorites are more comfort food leaning but are nevertheless tasty and are comparable in price to Home Chef. 

Final Thoughts

Green Chef and Home Chef cater to someone looking to feed a crowd, with both services offering plans with up to six servings per meal. Outside of that, the two services are quite different. Green Chef makes a great choice for folks looking to eat organic and who have the budget for it, while Home Chef is a better option for folks who are simply focused on getting dinner on the table as quickly as possible with flavors the whole family will love. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What Costs More, Green Chef or Home Chef?

    Green Chef is the more expensive option, as its starting price of $11.99 per serving is actually the highest price point you'll find with Home Chef. With Green Chef, that price will get you two recipes per week on the two-serving plan, and with Home Chef you'll get six recipes in a week, with six servings each. However, the value proposition from Green Chef is its organic produce, which is likely the source of the higher cost. 

  • How Long Do Green Chef Meals Last?

    Meals from Green Chef are meant to be consumed within a few days or up to about a week after delivery. Ingredients are fresh and packaged to extend shelf life but have a similar expiration timeline as what you would get at the grocery store. 

  • Are Home Chef Meals Customizable?

    Home Chef does allow for protein customization on many of its meals each week, including the option to swap proteins or upgrade to something of higher quality. You can also purchase add-ons like desserts, sides, and snacks from Home Chef to make the meals your own. 

  • Can You Customize Green Chef Deliveries?

    Green Chef deliveries can be customized by swapping or upgrading proteins, and deliveries can also be upgraded with add-ons like breakfast, prepped proteins, and lunch options that are not part of the meal kit menu.

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