Mexican Fiesta Checklist

Throw a casual south-of-the-border party any time of the year with this easy-to-follow checklist. For more great recipes with VELVEETA & RO*TEL , visit

  1. Check Decorate with bright colors.

    Set the scene with decorations in vibrant hues, such as real or paper flowers in pink, orange, violet, and blue. Hang colorful lights or paper banners. Add color with a bowl of limes, inexpensive Mexican prayer candles, and mix-and-match serving bowls.

  2. Check Add rustic touches.

    Give your table an authentic touch by serving homemade guacamole from a molcajete (Spanish for mortar and pestle) made of stone. Serve chips or display utensils in rustic pottery or wicker bowls.

  3. Check Serve festive drinks.

    Every Mexican fiesta needs margaritas—either rent a frozen margarita machine or make lime sorbet margaritas with lime sorbet, sugar, fresh lime, and tequila. For kids, serve up fresh limeades or fruity Mexican sodas.

  4. Check Set out finger foods and dips.

    Serve chips and mini quesadillas with salsa, guacamole, and FAMOUS QUESO DIP. Click here for recipe.

  5. Check Make a nacho bar.

    Create a low-fuss, crowd-pleasing nacho bar where guests can pour warm queso over tortilla chips and add toppings like ground meat, grilled chicken, beans, guacamole, salsa, sour cream, green onions, tomatoes, shredded lettuce, olives, and jalapenos.

  6. Check Cook easy dishes.

    Serve up other easy-to-make Mexican dishes like enchiladas, Mexican rice, pinto beans, tacos, or tortilla soup. Keep the spice-level mild, but set out hot sauce, salsa, and jalapenos for those who want to pump up the heat.

  7. Check Serve authentic sweets.

    Guests will love Mexican desserts like churros (fried dough sprinkled with sugar), flan, tres leches cake, or Mexican wedding cookies served with café con leche (Spanish coffee with milk).

  8. Check Turn up some Latin beats.

    Liven up the fiesta with energetic music, like salsa or mariachi tunes. Make a playlist ahead of time on your MP3 player so it’s ready to go. Or turn on a Spanish music radio station so your guests can swivel their hips all night.

  9. Check Hit a piñata.

    Hit a piñata. This game is a hit with kids (and adults!). Fill a piñata full of candy and hang it from a tree. Blindfolded players each whack the piñata with a stick until it bursts open. It’s a candy free-for-all as players collect the treats.

  10. Check Give party favors.

    Let your guests take home mini maracas, jars of homemade salsa, or little packets of Mexican chewing gum so they can remember the fun-filled fiesta!