Coming up with creative Easter basket ideas is tough—but repurposing an ordinary umbrella makes it much easier. 

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated March 21, 2018
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Colorful Easter Basket with eggs
Credit: Getty Images

Brainstorming fresh Easter basket ideas every year can be a challenge, especially when you think you've tried every way imaginable to package up pastel candy eggs and jelly beans. But there's a new trend that's showing up on Instagram and Pinterest recently that will make prepping for the holiday so simple: introducing, the umbrella Easter basket. If you can get over superstition and bring yourself to open an umbrella indoors, an upside-down umbrella is the perfect "basket" to fill with Easter goodies and wrapped treats. Plus, once the candy is eaten and the toys are taken out, the umbrella will come in handy on rainy spring days. Ready to transform an umbrella into the cutest Easter basket ever? Get inspired by the homemade Easter baskets below, then shop some of the most adorable umbrellas.

Create a Candy-Free Basket

If you're looking for allergy-friendly Easter basket ideas, the umbrella Easter basket is the perfect solution. Barb from PrimalDish created the baskets above for her kids and filled them with inexpensive games and toys found at the dollar store, Target, and Amazon. Your kids won't even miss the candy when they spot the cornucopia of colorful toys waiting for them.

Wrap It in Cellophane

To give the umbrella the look of a more traditional Easter basket, wrap it in cellophane, as the Instagram user above did, and top it off with colorful curled ribbon. Inside, the umbrella is filled with stuffed animals, small toys, and books.

Start With a Patterned Umbrella

Since the umbrella is the base of the entire display, be sure to choose one that's colorful and patterned, like the floral option above, spotted on Instagram. Then, look for candies that are already pre-wrapped so the inside of the umbrella won't turn into a sugar-coated mess.

Stick to a Theme

Starting with a pink heart-patterned umbrella, Goldie from Pretty Twinkle Party filled this umbrella Easter basket with a layer of pink shredded paper before adding pink bunny ears, sunglasses, and plastic eggs. Choose a color scheme or motif your kids love, then run with it. On-theme filler, toys, and treats make the basket look Instagram-worthy, and it guarantees your little ones will love everything they get.

Don't Forget the Filler

Like with a traditional Easter basket, you'll want to line the umbrella with a soft base. Choose from brightly colored plastic Easter grass, pastel shredded paper, or even tissue paper. You can perch toys and books on top, or hide tiny treats and wrapped candies within the filler. This way, each umbrella basket is its own mini Easter egg hunt.

Best Places to Buy Cute Umbrellas

If you're not sure where to buy an adorable umbrella to turn into a basket, shop a few of our favorite sources, below. They'll make for the sweetest gift on Easter morning, and will continue to look great on rainy days all season long.

Target: You'll find a huge selection of kids' umbrellas, including this eye-catching floral design ($10;

Bed Bath and Beyond: For umbrellas that are both affordable and durable, turn to Bed Bath and Beyond. How darling is this bee umbrella ($15;, complete with antennae?

Uncommon Goods: This online shop has some of the most creative gifts around, including charming umbrellas. This red heart-shaped one ($32; tops the list.

Amazon: The mega retailer has tons of inexpensive options, and speedy Prime shipping makes it ideal for procrastinators. A transparent umbrella with colorful polka dots ($15; will be put to good use this spring.