5 St. Patrick's Day Snacks Better Than a Pot of Gold

These homemade St. Patrick’s Day snacks are sure to make your little ones’ holiday—and give you ideas for treats, too.

St. Patrick's Day snacks, party food, and treats - Rice Krispies Treats
Photo: Dawn Perry

The best way to get in the Irish spirit on March 17 is to snack on St. Patrick's Day treats all day. (Irish desserts work too!) We created five fun St. Patrick's Day snacks for kids and adults alike, including a spicy Chex Mix and a rainbow puppy chow. Though you can whip up healthy St. Patrick's Day snacks (healthy green-colored snacks include kale chips or an herby yogurt dip), we prefer more traditional St. Patrick's Day party food and treats—you know, the sweet-and-salty stuff you can't put down.

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DIY Shamrock Shake

St. Patrick's Day Snacks for Kids: DIY Shamrock Shake
Sarah Karnasiewicz

Our homemade take on the St. Patrick's Day-themed treat from McDonald's maintains the famous green color and minty flavor of the tasty favorite without food coloring and corn syrup. It's a St. Patrick's Day snack everyone can enjoy.

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St. Patrick's Day Snack Mix

St Patrick's Day Snacks for Kids: Pot of Gold Chex Mix
Dawn Perry

This golden snack mix is what we wish to find at the end of the rainbow. Use your favorite crunchy corn or rice-based cereal and whatever nuts your kids like—be sure the mixture totals six cups.

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St. Patrick's Day Rice Krispies Treats

St Patrick's Day Snacks for Kids: St. Patrick's Day Rice Krispies Treats
Dawn Perry

The secret to our Shamrock Rice Krispies treats is using more marshmallows than you expect. It keeps them tender and chewy even after a couple of days, meaning you can make this snack ahead of St. Paddy's Day. To make these green treats extra festive, lightly coat a cookie cutter with a little nonstick spray before punching out shapes. Hot tip: Use this same method for other holiday-themed Rice Krispies treats throughout the year.

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Puppy Chow for St. Patrick's Day

St Patrick's Day Snacks for Kids: Puppy Chow for St. Patrick's Day
Dawn Perry

How do you bait a leprechaun? With Leprechaun Chow, of course! This St. Patrick's Day snack is good when the ingredient list includes Lucky Charms, peanut butter, powdered sugar, and chocolate. A few fun mix-ins make it even more magical for kids and adults.

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Mini Irish Soda Bread

St Patrick's Day Snacks for Kids: Mini Irish Soda Bread
Dawn Perry

What's better than traditional Irish soda bread slathered with plenty of salted butter? These mini Irish soda bread. Reminiscent of a scone, these little biscuits are perfect right out of the oven or cooled with a dollop of jam. Either way, serve with a proper cup of tea.

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