Looking for food for an Oscar themed party? We looked to the nine best picture nominees for culinary inspiration.

Oscar Food Tout
Credit: Fox Searchlight, Roland Bello

A lot of prep work goes into an Oscar party: You have to watch the Best Picture front runners, pick out what you’re going to wear, print out ballots, decorate, chill the champagne, etc. And unlike the Super Bowl, food for an Oscar themed party seems to be a last thought (much like the shorts and editing categories). This year, however, the slate of incredible films up for the big prize all had memorable food aspects to them, making it a little easier for us to brainstorm Oscar party food ideas. Here, our favorite film-inspired appetizers and desserts to munch on during the ceremony, recipes included. Just remember to thank us in your acceptance speech when your guests give you a standing ovation.

Apricot Clafouti
Credit: Marcus Nilsson

Call Me By Your Name: Apricot Clafouti

Though you might argue about whether the etymology of “apricot” has its roots in Arabic, Latin, or Greek (for the record, it’s Latin), this rustic dessert is distinctly French. Your guests will love the way you prepare this Clafouti—no matter their age. Substitute in peach for apricots if that’s more your thing.

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Champagne Flutes, Oscar Party Food
Credit: TS Photography/Getty Images

Darkest Hour: Champagne Cocktails

It’s no surprise that Winston Churchill was very much a fan of champagne (Pol Roger even made and named a prestige bottle of the stuff after him). Toast to the historical film with one of these champagne cocktails.

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Blueberry jam, oscar party food
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

Dunkirk: Blueberry Jam

Don your best sweater and whip up a vessel of this blueberry jam to serve to your fellow allies. Eating it is a winning-experience, even if it’s just served atop plain white bread. But, if you have enough rations, we’d recommend serving with some respectable British cheese, like White Stilton.

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Chai Tea Concentrate
Credit: Greg DuPree

Get Out: Chai Tea Concentrate

You don’t have to be hypnotized to flawlessly execute this twist on your standard tea. Though it might seem like your standard, a couple of sips will make you realize that it’s flavors are actually much richer and nuanced than you originally thought. Just be careful about clanking your spoon around your cup while stirring. We’ve heard some unsettling things about that.

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Assorted crackers, oscar party food
Credit: Mint Images/Getty Images

Lady Bird: Crackers and Cheese

Skip the communion wafers and opt for one of these tastier crackers served with a block of cheese that’s relatively small compared to other blocks of cheese. Or, of course, you could just munch on a big bag of Doritos. Just don’t tell Mom!

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Mini Herb Frittatas
Credit: Heather Meldrom

Phantom Thread: Mushroom Omelet

Expecting some hungry boys at your Oscar party? Add foraged mushrooms (sautéed in plenty of butter, of course) to these mini frittatas for a portable mushroom omelet experience so good it will haunt you for the rest of your life. Just make sure you skip the asparagus. Trust us, this advice might even be the key to saving your marriage.

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Lemonade Concentrate
Credit: Greg DuPree

The Post: Lemonade

Betting the ceremony will take longer than sifting through the Pentagon Papers? Grab the kids and make a big batch of this Pulitzer Prize worthy lemonade, paired alongside sandwiches, it will be sure to fuel you through a night equally thrilling and tedious.

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Cacio e Pepe Deviled Eggs
Credit: Roland Bello

The Shape of Water: Deviled Eggs

Celebrate the leading nominated film with a direct nod, grab some water (a whole bathroom full might be overdoing it), and boil some eggs—a treat your friends, both human and fish, will surely appreciate munching on. Want to jazz an ordinary egg up a little bit? Try one of these deviled egg variations. Pair with saltines and halves of mustard and pickle sandwiches.

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Sweet Cocoa Cereal Brittle
Credit: Max Kelly

Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri: Sweet Cocoa Cereal Brittle

When Oscar night brings all the drama of snubs and surprises, you could tie your hair back in a bandana and flick some soggy cereal around to deal with your emotions. Or, you could channel your anger more productively and make this delicious cocoa cereal brittle. Don’t be surprised if you sell your ex’s pick-up truck, pay for three advertising billboards outside your hometown, and declare your love for this chocolately treat.

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