You won’t believe some of the crazy new tastes in this year’s Easter basket—we vow to try them all.

By Marisa Cohen
Updated February 26, 2018
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Peeps marshmallows
Credit: Amber Norris Photography/Getty Images

Spring means we can finally put away those winter boots and stop worrying about the flu, but let’s be real, people: For those of it with a massive sweet tooth, spring is all about the arrival of gooey, decadent marshmallow Peeps.

Yep, Easter is just around the bend, and that means stores are suddenly full of the sugary little chick-shaped treats. And this year, there are 8 new marshmallow Peeps flavors to try. We’ll admit, the reveal of the new Peeps flavors can be as exciting as the announcement of the Oscar nominees—but unlike the movies, we plan to sample every single one of these crazy flavors. Here’s what’s new and where you can find them:

Sour Cherry Peeps
Credit: Peeps

Sour Cherry

The bright-red color may be a bit of a shock if you’re used to chowing down your chicks in traditional pastels, but if you love that puckery tang you get when you bite into Cry-Baby bubblegum or Sour Patch Kids, this flavor should be on your must-list. Available in stores nationwide.

To buy: $2;

Pancakes & Syrup Peeps

Pancakes & Syrup

Okay, we’ll admit, this is a weird one… or is it? Maple syrup, sweet pancakes, a dab of butter flavor—what’s not to love?

To buy: Available at Kroger supermarkets.

Lemon Sherbet Peeps

Lemon Sherbet and Orange Sherbet

These flavors, in season-appropriate pale yellow and orange, look the most like the Peeps you grew up with. The fun twist is that they’re dipped in cream-flavored white fudge, so they look adorably like they’re hatching from an egg. 

To buy: $2;

Neapolitan Delights Peeps

Neapolitan Delights

You know that carton of strawberry-chocolate-vanilla ice cream that’s always left in supermarket freezer when the more popular cookie dough and mint-chip are sold out? Now you can experience that flavor in a Peep! It’s a strawberry-flavored chick filled with chocolate and dipped in white fudge. It actually sounds a lot more appealing than the ice-cream.

To buy: $2;

Mystery Flavor Peeps

Mystery Flavors #1, #2, and #3

If you like some intrigue with your Peeps, try one of the three “Mystery” flavors, available only at Walmart. The chicks are plain marshmallowy white, so they could be any flavor, from fruity to fudgy to something totally crazy (Curried tofu? Ear wax?). Pick up a pack and then post your best guess on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, using the hashtag #mysterypeeps.

To buy: Available at Walmart.