Milka just made the holidays even more delicious.

By Ananda Eidelstein
Updated November 14, 2017
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Milka advent calendar
Milka advent calendar
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Let us start the countdown. We love a good advent calendar around here. Who doesn’t, really? It fuels the excitement of the holidays and each day when you open that little window with a different number on it you get a sweet surprise. And this advent calendar so happens to be filled with Milka Alpine chocolates. So when we spotted this treat at our French food hall we had to spread the good news.

While advent calendars build up the anticipation, chocolate ones are not always filled with the tastiest chocolate. Usually chalky and overly sweet—everything you don’t want chocolate to be. But if you’ve had Milka chocolate you know this is not the case. Hence our pure joy for this advent calendar. And if you haven’t tried Milka chocolate just yet you’re missing out. The chocolate is milky and melts in your mouth. Milka originated in Switzerland in 1901, and if we know one thing, we know the Swiss know their chocolate. Milka and Oreo also partnered this year for the treat of all treats and trust us it was great.

Advent calendars seem to be making quite the comeback. We’ve seen a beauty-filled one from L’Occitane (great gift for a gal), Aldi’s calendar which contains six bottles worth of wine (seriously), and even a whiskey advent calendar (maybe for that one special guy?).

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Kids and adults alike will enjoy counting down the days until Christmas when chocolate this good is involved. Don’t worry, no need to go to a specialty market because we found this Milka advent calendar for you just in time.