They’ve been paying attention—and have some creative ideas.

By Real Simple
Updated December 04, 2017

When it comes to holiday gift giving, kids know exactly what they’d get their parents—especially if money and mall trips were no object. Their lists for Mom and Dad were varied and specific, ranging from a house, skateboard lessons, even a bunk bed so the whole family could sleep together.

Proving that even at the holidays when their own wish lists are long, kids are attuned to their parents' likes and dislikes: one girl remembered what present got her dad got most excited last year (“a biscuit holder”), and another reasoned that since Mom loved Mickey Mouse, a Mickey card would be just the thing.

But even without a gift budget or an Amazon account, these kids know what really matters most this time of year. From writing “I love you” to guessing that this year, Mom and Dad would love a hug most of all, each of these generous kids is tuned in to the power of love and connection.