What they’re excited about this festive season.

By Real Simple
Updated December 04, 2017

The winter holidays are such a special season filled with fun gatherings, good food, presents, and quality time with loved ones—and it’s an especially exciting time if you’re a kid. There’s so much to do and see—and if you’re experiencing certain moments for the first time, it can fill you with wonder and awe.

We asked kids about their favorite traditions and what they’re most excited about during the holidays. Of course, many of them had the exact same thing on their minds. “I’m excited for Christmas because I love to get new presents,” one kid said.

But it’s not just about presents for them. They all love spending time with their families and participating in special traditions. One (lucky!) boy said that his family’s holiday tradition is a cruise. Another child counts down before midnight on Christmas Eve, just like you would on New Year’s Eve.

While everyone seems to have their own specific family traditions, one thing is for certain—when it comes to Christmas Day, kids have an early wakeup call. “I wake up at about 5:55 a.m. on Christmas Day," said one girl. "And then my mom wakes up after me to see why I was out in the living room and not in my bed.”