Psst...and they're all under $30.
Elderflower syrup from IKEA

True IKEA aficionados know their MALM from their HEMNES, can happily eat Swedish meatballs for every meal—and they likely don't need an excuse to fit an IKEA run into a weekend. But for those seeking another reason to devote a lazy afternoon to perusing IKEA's wares (whether in-person or online), it's also a near-limitless source for gifts.

That's right: All those IKEA purchases don't need to be for the home or office. Many items scattered around the store can make great holiday gifts, especially with the addition of a few personal touches. And the best part: they're all affordable. Here are the best IKEA gifts and stocking stuffers to give everyone on your list.

IKEA Cloudberry Jam
Credit: IKEA

1 Cloudberry Jam (and Other Swedish Snacks)


If you're not checking out the food section when you go to IKEA, then you're shopping this Swedish superstore all wrong. The next time you visit in-person (sadly, they don't sell their snacks online yet), pick up some cloudberry jam, sparkling apple and lingonberry drink, ginger thins, and assorted chocolates for friends. (Plus, a pack of frozen meatballs to keep for yourself.) Cloudberries are less common in the U.S., so this jam offers a taste of Scandinavia, no travel required! 

IKEA White Ceramic Vase Crock
Credit: IKEA

2 A Vase Filled with Flowers


IKEA has an impressive selection of vases, both ceramic and glass. Pick up one of these under-$20 vessels, then fill it with fresh flowers (even a grocery store bundle will work) to present as a gift when visiting friends or family. 

IKEA Gifts Kids Train Set
Credit: IKEA

3 Train Set with Tracks


For the little ones on your list, this adorable train set is sure to delight. The 45-piece set includes everything they'll need to get started, but you can also add on fun extras, like a bridge or freight train. 

IKEA Elderflower Syrup
Credit: IKEA

4 Elderflower Syrup


Another Scandinavian specialty, elderflower syrup will lend a floral taste to everything from cocktails to desserts. Mix it into a drink or drizzle it over waffles. 

IKEA gift ideas, outdoor lantern in black
Credit: IKEA

5 Cozy Lantern and Candles


Pair this glass lantern with candles (whether real or flameless) for a gift that will add some serious hygge vibes to winter nights spent at home. It can be used inside or out, and is sure to cast a warming glow wherever it's placed.