IKEA's new holiday collection is full of gift-worthy picks.

By Lauren Phillips and Katie Holdefehr
Updated November 05, 2019

True IKEA aficionados know their MALM from their HEMNES, can happily eat Swedish meatballs for every meal—and they likely don’t need an excuse to fit an IKEA run into a weekend. But for those seeking another reason to devote a lazy afternoon to perusing IKEA’s wares, consider making it a near-limitless source of gifts.

That’s right: All those IKEA purchases don’t need to be for the home or office. Many items scattered around the store can make great holiday gifts, especially with the addition of a few personal touches. And the best part: they’re all affordable. Turns out, IKEA isn't just our go-to when we want to decorate on a budget, but it's also a must-visit for memorable holiday presents.


Board Game Table

If you wish your little ones would bond over a game of chess, backgammon, or memory, gift them this board game table sized perfectly for them. Who knows, they may even feel inspired to put down the cell phones for an hour.

To buy: $60, ikea.com.


Stylish Serving Tray

If you're bringing appetizers or a cake over to a holiday party, set the treats on this elegant serving tray. Once the food has been eaten, the platter will double as a gift for the host.

To buy: $15, ikea.com.


Set of Spinning Tops

In a time where kids are glued to phones, iPads, and screens of all varieties, sometimes the simplest gifts end up being the best. This set of three spinning tops may seem old-school, but set it out on the kids' table, and it will provide entertainment during breaks in the meal.

To buy: $13 for 3, ikea.com.


Bespoke Metal Candleholder

The structure of this candleholder will remind you of coil pots you crafted in elementary school, but it's actually constructed from durable aluminum. When the candle burns down, it will fall into the bottom of the can and extinguish on its own.

To buy: $10, ikea.com.


Puzzle Tea Light Holder

When assembled, this set of 8 puzzle piece-shaped tea light holders turns into a substantial centerpiece for your holiday table. When the meal is over, each of the puzzle pieces can be arranged around the room to provide a gentle glow. 

To buy: $40 for 8 pieces, ikea.com