Though you might want to celebrate Polar Bear Day 2018 by treating yourself to a cute polar bear accessory (or two), it's important to note that the day isn't just a holiday to flaunt your love for Ursus Martimus.
Cute baby polar bear waving at friend
Credit: Eric Baccega/Nature Picture Library/Getty Images

Polar Bear Day (February 27) is an awareness day created by Polar Bears International to draw attention to how the warming Arctic climate is driving polar bears towards extinction. The World Wildlife Fund considers the marine mammals vulnerable for extinction due to loss of sea ice habitat. Warmer Arctic temperatures mean that polar bears have less opportunities to hunt, rest, and mate—contributing to malnutrition, starvation, and a declining population replacement level. Want to help the cute and furry beasts of the north? Here, a list of trustworthy polar bear charities to donate to, as well as some money-saving actions you can take to help polar bears.

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Cute baby polar bear waving at friend
Credit: Eric Baccega/Nature Picture Library/Getty Images

1 Donate to Polar Bears International

The first place you can go to help polar bears? The organization that started Polar Bear Day. Donate to Polar Bear International (PBI) to help raise awareness and support scientific research and initiatives that help determine a way on how to save polar bears from global warming. Charity Navigator gives the charity an 82.51 score out of 100, with 77 percent of the money it raises going directly to programs and services that help their mission.

2 Adopt a Polar Bear

Head to World Wildlife Fund to adopt a polar bear. Your gift will go towards their global conservation efforts, and you’ll receive a plush polar bear, photo, adoption certificate, species card, and gift bag. Want to make sure polar bears get the most bang for your buck? Skip the gifts and consider virtual adoption. You’ll receive an acknowledgement letter and the satisfaction knowing that you’ve maximum impact for your donation. Charity Navigator gives it an 83.01 score.

3 Help Out All Arctic Animals, Plants, and Humans

Concerned about helping out all arctic animals? Consider donating to the Natural Resource Defense Council (NRDC), an organization that works with scientists, lawyers, and policy makers to make sure that environmental resources benefiting people, plants, and animals are protected. Charity Navigator gives the NRDC one of their highest ratings, with a 96.56 score out of 100.

4 Lower Your Thermostat

Don’t have money to donate? There’s an easy way to help polar bears right from your home. PBI is urging Polar Bear supporters to layer up on Tuesday and lower their home thermostats to reduce carbon emissions.