Valentine’s Day nail designs are a perfect way to accessorize this holiday. Here are our top picks for fashion-forward Valentine’s Day nails.

By Hannah Norling
Updated January 24, 2018
Heart and Nails Popping a Balloon
Credit: izusek/Getty Images

There are so many ways to tell someone you love them. Flowers, chocolate...simply saying “I love you”. Valentine’s Day is all about showing your loved ones just how much you care—and sometimes, the more creative the better. We’ve found 25 unique Valentine’s Day nail designs that are straight-up swoon-worthy.

1. Red on Red

Lacquered crimson tips over matte red nail polish is a subtle change from your classic red nail. The difference is so subtle, your date will just have to get close enough to tell.

2. Pretty in Pink Ombré

If there’s one thing we’re willing to bet on, it’s that ombré is here to stay for a while. Simply blot different shades of pink for this gradual darkening effect.

3. Spotted Reds

This romantic design mixes darker and lighter reds for a spotted, almost leopard-like look. Don’t worry about making the dots look perfect—the irregularity gives it a wistful, playful quality.

4. X’s and O’s

Nothing says Valentine’s Day quite like the traditional symbols of affection. Use black, pink, or white polish for the letters and your significant other will be feeling all the love.

5. Regal Roses

Why wait to receive roses from someone else when you can wear them on your nails right now? This chic, simple design has all the romantic qualities we’re looking for.

6. 50’s Throwback

Take a step back in time with this retro, diner-inspired design. Cherries, checkers, and poodle-skirt pink will have you saying “you’re the one that I want”.

7. Lashes and Kisses

Graphic lashes and kisses pack a powerful punch on a white nail. Trace delicate lines with a toothpick or a small brush to recreate the look.

8. Romantic Waves

The color combination of this nail is subtle enough to wear every day, but the golden-glittery wave adds a special something. Perfect for a low-key date night.

9. Pink New Moon

We love the barely-there pop of hot pink in this new moon design. Shape the bright pink like a crescent moon along one side of your nail for a look that’s just a touch out of the ordinary.

10. Heart Pop Art

The holidays are when statement nails really come in handy. Who thought the combination of this light icy-white blue would go so well with graphic hearts and a punch of red?

11. Subtle Red

If you’re a minimalist at heart, this design might be for you. Just a touch of red at the beginning of the nail makes for a poetic, barely-there design.

12. Tiny Hearts

Let the design do all the talking with these teeny-tiny hearts. We don’t know about you, but we think we’re in love.

13. Mix-n-Match Patterns

If you can’t decide on one design... try them all. Mix and match dots, stripes and glitter for a fun and flirty look.

14. Artistically Inclined

This Matisse-inspired nail art is fanciful by nature. Perfect for dates to the museum or long romantic walks around the park.

15. Graphic Hearts

You don’t have to use a single word to tell your significant other just how much you love them—just give a little wave. Fun, graphic hearts set the mood for the tender holiday.

16. Cosmic Love

Tell them just how out of this world you think they are with nail art that’s cosmically beautiful. This galaxy-themed design will blow them away.

17. The Garden Variety

Try touches of floral if you’re not into designs that are specifically related to Valentine’s Day. Cute pops of red and pink flowers have a romantic vibe.

18. Glitter Bombshell

This glitter explosion gives you look-at-me nails that’ll stay cool way after Valentine’s Day. The pink arch helps break up the look.

19. Hidden Hearts

You almost wouldn’t notice the heart design if you didn’t know to look, but once you do, it’s hard not to see it. Graphic and bright in classic Valentine’s Day colors—what’s not to love?

20. Rose Quartz

Valentine's Day nails don’t get any prettier than this. This design resembles rose quartz, a stone that signifies love and tenderness. Wear this design to attract (or keep!) true love.

21.Blush Streak

Adorn nails with a shiny, blush streak down the middle for a very on-trend Valentine’s Day look.

22. Romantic Studs

“Tell me about it... Stud”. Or better yet, just wear the stud. We love the slightly edgy quality of the small appliqués on the nail.

23. Colorful Hearts

The different colored hearts on each nail make this design playful and surprisingly unexpected. The bubblegum pink sets off the rainbow-colored hearts for a candyland design.

24. Clear Spaces

Switch out traditional red and pink for a more subtle purple and white. The pop art design makes brings the romance with a twist.

25. Pretty Polka Dots

When we think of Valentine’s Day, we think about spring being right around the corner. These tiny polka dots cheerfully hint at the coming season.