How to Choose Valentine's Day Flowers for Every Personality

Not all bouquets are created the same—and if you want to skip the traditional red roses, there are plenty of other options to consider.

Chaenomeles twig in red flower vase
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Red roses may be the traditional Valentine's Day bouquet, but you don't have to stick with that color scheme (or that flower)—especially if your Valentine has other floral arrangement favorites that they'd enjoy. Try one of these bouquet ideas that have a little more thought behind them.

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For the Bold Type: Anthurium

Pink Anthurium Indoor Plants
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These dramatic heart-shaped blooms are an unexpected pick. "Anthurium are both chic and sensual," says Amy Gofton, floral designer at Studio Nectar in Montclair, N.J. "They have a beautiful waxy surface that gives a polished look, and they're also the shape of an upside down heart."

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For the Traditionalist: Sweet Pea

Sweet peas
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These delicate blooms are an unexpected—but lovely—option. "Sweet pea is an old-fashioned garden favorite that comes in a wide color range," Grofton says. "With twining tendrils and ethereal blooms that seem to float on its delicate stems, it feels both tender and romantic. Added bonus, it is one bloom that is still noticeably fragrant with a beautiful light sweet scent."

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For the Eco-Conscious Sweetheart: Forced Blooms

Pink quince blooms in a green vase
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"Ask your florist what options they will have that are growing in your area," Gofton says. Even in areas with a lot of snow, you can still get locally grown blooms in the winter. "Quince branches that can be forced inside to bloom early can make a dramatic display."

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For Your Optimistic Loved One: Chamomile and Tulips

Bouquet of tulips and chamomiles
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For the happy-go-lucky person, Gofton says chamomile is the perfect pick. "Chamomile is all happiness, and pairs perfectly with fringe tulips, which feature flirty eyelash edges."

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For the Colorful Personality: Candy-Colored Bouquet

Rose Bouquet On Table with peach, pink, green flowers
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"Candy crush pastels are upbeat and unexpected but also can be very sophisticated," Gofton says. "Lilac, cotton candy pink, and peach with sour apple green mixed in a French twist hand-tied bouquet would have a very Parisian flower shop feel. And who doesn't equate Paris to love?"

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