Plus, DIY ideas to help spare your wallet.

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Valentine’s Day is about celebrating love—unfortunately, that celebration can come at a price. After the fancy dinner, the sparkly gift, and the bouquet of flowers, partners might find they’ve spent quite a lot. According to new data from Bankrate, the average cost of Valentine’s Day can end up totaling $512.02, once the roses, chocolates, dinners, jewelry, and bottles of champagne are added up.

Bankrate’s “Be My Valentine” Index includes data from the financial publisher, as well as market researchers NPD Group and Nielsen, to break down the average costs of each romantic element. For example: If you’re buying a dozen red roses—which 56 percent of men are—the price will be around $41.66, says Bankrate. If that sounds a little high, you can arrange a beautiful bouquet with less expensive blooms from your local supermarket. The same goes for chocolate: While the average heart-shaped box of sweets may cost roughly $15, you can opt for the homemade variety and save yourself the cash and the trip to the drugstore. These delicious DIY truffles are the perfect treat, and you can package them in these cute, handmade boxes.

Of course, chocolates and roses aren’t the only places people blow their budgets. As many know, going to dinner on this holiday often results in price-fixed menus or fancy restaurants, which can hike up the bill. According to research from NPD Group/Crest, a Valentine’s Day dinner for two can cost up to $80—and the cost of eating out has risen 2.3 percent since last year. One idea? Skip the fancy restaurant and make dinner at home, or try out one of these creative date nights (some of which cost nothing!). And skip the champagne—which could cost up to $51.54, according to Nielsen. Instead, opt for one of these festive drinks: Just as nice, but not as pricey.

Finally, if people are buying jewelry, they could be looking at spending a few hundred dollars. To estimate the cost, Bankrate looked at diamond earrings, with a price ranging from $215 to $800. They found the average price for princess-cut, one-quarter carat diamond earrings was $323.26.

Need a creative gift idea? Print out this totally free Valentine’s Day coupon—we promise it’s exactly what your partner wants.