Move over roses, this forgotten flower is looking gorgeous.

By Katie Holdefehr
Updated February 14, 2018
JEWEL SAMAD/Getty Images

Carnations often get a bad rap. Long regarded as a cheap alternative to the more beautiful rose, getting a bouquet of carnations was considered an insult. Why didn't they shell out for roses? If red roses are the long-standing symbol of love in the flower world, does this cheap imitation mean it's not the real deal? There's even a Sex and the City punchline about bringing carnations on a first date. Besides first dates, giving carnations on Valentine's Day is also considered by some to be a faux pas—but if the flower choices at the recent New York Fashion Week are any indication, this trend may soon be changing.

At the Tory Burch runway show, this underdog flower showed up in force. The designer filled the venue with 14,000 carnations in shades of pink, transforming the venue into a romantic spring garden. The runway meandered through the field of flowers, giving the impression that the models were walking through an English flower garden. When presented in a lush arrangement in shades of one color, carnations look absolutely stunning.

Now, images of the carnations have flooded Instagram, with many predicting that this flower will soon be making a comeback. And arranging them is easy: Take a tip from Tory Burch and stick to shades of one hue, then build a lush display. Because carnations are generally much less expensive than roses, a big arrangement of carnations comes out to about the same cost as a small bouquet of roses.

On average, long-stemmed roses cost about $3 per stem from a florist, while carnations usually cost less than a dollar per stem (Amazon even has a deal for 100 carnations for $58). For the cost of 20 roses, you can fill an entire room with 100 blooms. Carnations may be the inexpensive rose, but this elaborate display will look anything but cheap. If you're convinced you want to give this soon-to-be trendy rose this Valentine's Day, check out the selection at your local florist. And if all else fails, Amazon is offering free 2-hour delivery on traditional roses.