Valentine’s Day Treat Recipes

What’s Valentine’s Day without a little sugar? Valentine’s Day treats are arguably the best part of the holiday, and they are by no means limited to couples celebrating the holiday. Homemade treats make great classroom favors, gifts for friends, or even a surprise for co-workers. Most treats are also easy to package and send in the mail, making them an ideal gift for long-distance couples or friends. Perhaps the easiest desserts to make are no-bake cookies, which require zero time in the oven and are absolutely gorgeous. If you’re pressed for time and can’t make it to the grocery store, consider whipping up some chocolate bark, which can be studded with any type of candy, dried fruit, or nut that you already have in your kitchen. Still hanging onto candy canes from Christmas? By placing them hook to hook and tail to tail, you can form a heart-shaped pattern that works beautifully as a cupcake topper.

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