These clever designs are far from your average Valentine.

When February 14th rolls around, make sure you don’t leave the house empty-handed. Sure, you can opt for the classic store-bought Valentines, or if you’re the crafty type, you could spend an afternoon making a pile of homemade cards for your significant other, family, and friends. But for those who’d rather find an option somewhere in the middle, we have an even easier alternative for you. We created these adorably clever Valentine’s Day cards that you can download and print in fewer than five minutes, which is perfect for a last-minute alternative (just in case the middle of the month crept up on you unexpectedly).

For the kids, we have a collection of animal Valentines with funny sayings—think a fox that says “You’re a fox,” or an owl with the quote, “Owl always love you.” These are great to pass out to friends at school. For teens and preteens (or OK, adults too) who are always glued to their phones, there are emoji offerings, as well. These cards feature popular characters like the Valentine-appropriate face with heart eyes and one with sunglasses, because sometimes only an emoji can express how you feel. And, for anyone who knows the way to the heart is through the stomach, there are junk food Valentines. Choose from pizza, donuts, desserts, and fries.

You can print these out on regular printer paper, or opt for a glossy, sturdier variety instead. If you’ve got a couple of extra minutes, you could also print them out and glue them to colorful cardstock or construction paper. Check out our printable creations below—the best part is you’ll never run out of cards this year.Emoji Valentine's Day Cards 

Get the larger, printable version here.Junk Food Valentine's Day Cards 

Get the larger, printable version here.Animal Valentine's Day Cards 

Get the larger, printable version here.

Designed by Rebecca Hart