Make a sweet DIY note for your partner in no time.

This Valentine’s day, you can craft handmade and heartfelt sentiments even if you're all thumbs. Besides birthday candles, puzzle pieces, a playing card, and a matchbook, all you need to make these cute missives is a blank folded card, some plain old glue, and a marker. What's not to love?

1. Playing cards

Select a King of Hearts (or Queen!) from a deck of cards. Glue it to the center of the blank greeting card and write the phrase “King of my heart” below.

2. Puzzle pieces

Find two puzzle pieces that interlock and then glue each individually to a blank note card. Write “We just fit” underneath the pieces in red marker.

3. Matchbook

Cut or twist matches from a matchbook off, leaving two in tact. Then, use craft glue to attach the matchbook to the front of the card at the center. Write the phrase “We’re a perfect match” on the top flap.

4. Birthday candles

Leftover candles from a birthday party? Put them to use with this sweet hack. Glue candles to a blank card and draw hearts above each wick. Write “You light up my life” underneath the candles in red marker.

5. Scrabble letters

Repurpose Scrabble letters by using them as part of a love note. Write “You’re just my” on the top of the card and glue pieces to spell out “type” below.

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