They know what they're talking about.

By Real Simple
Updated February 13, 2017

What exactly is love, and what does it take to make it last for the long haul? Countless advice books, romantic poems, reality shows, rom coms, angsty ballads, and more, have attempted to tackle those questions, but yet—here we are—still asking them. Maybe we’re making the whole thing a lot more complicated than it needs to be. For a little straightforward romance advice, we decided to ask a whole bunch of kids. Their answers? More than a little bit hilarious... but also pretty darn wise. Not sure when to commit? “You don’t want to marry too soon, like, you have to have a couple of years with that person until you marry.” Don’t know how to say I love you? “You can write a letter or a poem.” Confused if you even love someone in the first place? “If you marry someone, that means you love them.” Debating how to handle an argument? “Don’t be mean to each other because it makes people sad.”

Yup, once again, the kids have it (just about) all right.