Valentine’s Day Ideas for Him

Totally stumped about what to get for your significant other this Valentine’s Day? We don’t blame you. Whether you’ve been dating for weeks, months, or years, finding the right gift for such a sentimental holiday can be downright difficult. Sure, chocolates will do. But resist the urge to make a last-minute trip to the convenience store. Homemade truffles and DIY candy boxes make for a much sweeter gesture. And while you’re in the crafting spirit, try your hand at a homemade card (we’re partial to the one with the toy car that says “you make my heart race”). Trust us: He’ll know you went the extra mile. But if you’d rather hit the stores, we also have plenty of shoppable Valentine’s Day ideas for him: quirky barware, cool apparel, nostalgic accessories, sentimental books, indulgent treats—you name it. Of course, you could also let him pick out his own present by opting to print out a customizable voucher. He’ll get to choose from 16 different indulgences, including a steak dinner, a back massage, and a martini. But beware: There’s a fill-in-the-blank option, so things could get surprising.

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