22 Creative Homemade Valentine Card Ideas

Because love puns are fun.

Photo: Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

When you think of Valentine's Day, you might imagine elaborate gifts, romantic desserts, and bright red roses, but it's much more than that. Valentine's Day is a day for celebrating all types of love: You'll see friends exchanging Galentine's Day gifts, family hosting platonic love celebrations at home, or couples going on fun dates at fancy restaurants. However you're celebrating Valentine's Day (and whoever you're celebrating with), your loved ones will appreciate any of these creative DIY Valentine's Day card ideas.

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You Won My Heart

You Won My Heart Valentine's Day Card
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

You are both winners in the game of love, but this playful homemade Valentine's Day card reminds your significant other that they definitely have your heart.

To create this DIY Valentine, we printed the words "you won my heart" on white card stock and then folded it in half (you could also write the words with a marker, a crayon, or a colored pencil).

We created a little game of tic-tac-toe with a fine-tipped permanent marker and some heart stickers—though you could use any sticker or another color pen, too.

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Bright Idea

DIY Valentine's Day Cards, birthday candles on pink card
Levi Brown; Styling: Blake Ramsey

Turn a birthday party prop into a loved one's bright spot on February 14. All you'll need to make this homemade Valentine's Day card is a blank note card, glue, and a felt tip marker. If you don't have blank cards, fold a piece of construction paper or card stock, and then get started.

We used pink candles and a red pen to create a look that's distinctly Valentine's-themed, but multi-colored candles would look great, too. Use whatever you have on hand rather than shop for something specific. We suggest using a hot glue gun—since this type of glue dries almost immediately, the candles are less likely to roll.

This card may not fit in a standard envelope, but you can prop it up on top of some mini Valentine's Day treats.

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Makes My Heart Race

Homemade Valentine cards, card with toy car
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

For the one who makes your heart race, make a Valentine's Day card that will have them holding on for the wild ride.

Start with a blank note card (or any folded paper you have on hand), and then get to work crafting. You'll need a toy car (pick one up from your local dollar store or grab a long-forgotten one from your child's toy box), some glue, and a crayon.

Print or write out the words "you make my heart race," then attach the car with a dab of hot glue. Finish your masterpiece off with some skid marks from the car's tires.

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Be Mine

Wood You Be Mine homemade Valentine cards
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

Reminiscent of the tree carvings you may have made as a kid, this homemade Valentine's card puts those complex feelings into a single—and charming—message. You'll find little wooden birch rounds at a craft store, but bonus points for being resourceful and finding a replacement in your backyard.

Just draw a heart and arrow on the wood round, use hot glue to attach it onto a blank note card or a folded piece of card stock, and then scribble, "wood you be mine?" We can pretty much guarantee your significant other will readily give you an enthusiastic "yes" to that question.

To go along with the natural theme, pair this wood slice card with some romantic flowers.

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Play Your Cards Right

DIY Valentine Day cards, king of hearts playing card
Levi Brown; Styling: Blake Ramsey

If you'd bet your money (and your heart) on your significant other when the stakes are high, give this clever card a try this Valentine's Day.

If you don't want to steal the King of Hearts—or the Queen of Hearts, for the ladies—from a deck of cards (though maybe you already have a deck that's missing a few!), a quick Google search will yield an image you can print and fake instead.

Once you have your card handy, glue or tape it to a blank card or folded piece of paper, and write "King [or Queen] of my heart."

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You Are Amazing

Homemade Valentine card with heart maze
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

There's no way of getting around this one because it's true: Your significant other or best friend is downright amazing. Tell them exactly that with this cute Valentine's card idea on February 14. This one also works for an entire classroom of kids—you can get heart-shaped mazes online.

Glue one of the flat mazes to a blank note card or folded piece of card stock, then write "You are a-maze-ing" with a crayon or marker (you could also use your printer to spell out the message in any font of your choice before gluing on the maze).

Pair the heart-shaped maze card with some heart-shaped pasta for a truly romantic evening at home.

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Lost Without You

I'm Lost Without You Card, Valentine's day cards with mini compass
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

Need help figuring out how you navigated the world before your significant other came into your life? Okay, that's a little dramatic. But we're pretty sure you're glad that the two of you are in this crazy world together. Let them know how you feel with these clever Valentine's day cards.

Glue a small compass to a note card and write, "I'd be lost without you." (You can buy three dozen mini plastic compasses on Amazon). Pair the card with a colorful red envelope and set it on top of the gift you got for them.

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Well Matched

Valentine's Day Cards, matchbook with "we're a perfect match"
Levi Brown; Styling: Blake Ramsey

Once you've found your perfect match, let them know exactly how you feel by turning those sentiments into this handmade Valentine's day card.

Start with a blank note card and add an old matchbook—the fewer matches left, the better. We like the symbolism of two. Use a permanent marker to write "we're a perfect match" on the top of the matchbook or the card itself.

Use white craft glue to attach it to the paper. Write a heartfelt message inside the card, and then tuck it into an envelope before presenting the handmade card on February 14.

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For Keeps

Valentine's Day Card "You hold the key to my heart" with red key
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

There's only one way to gain access to the heart—give a key to the one it truly belongs. We used a red one to celebrate the holiday's traditional colors, but any old key will do. A vintage skeleton key would be beautiful, but you can find fun designs for less than a dollar at any hardware store.

Before gluing the key to the Valentine's Day card (we recommend using hot glue for this project), print or write the words "you hold the key to my heart" on a blank note card or a folded piece of white or colored card stock.

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Bee Mine

Bee Mine Valentine's Day Card
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

You probably already know the answer to this question, but February 14 provides the perfect opportunity to reaffirm your feelings and give each other extra attention.

This playful card, which features a plastic bee, is a new way to ask the age-old question: "Will you be mine?" If you want to mail your card (or can't find a plastic bee), try stickers or even a printout of an illustrated bee instead.

We like the idea of finding a cheery yellow envelope to go with this particular Valentine's Day card, though any color will do.

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Perfect Fit

DIY Valentine's Day Cards, "We Just Fit" with a puzzle piece on card
Levi Brown; Styling: Blake Ramsey

It can take years to find someone you click with, but when you do find the one, show them how much you care with this clever Valentine's Day card. Grab two pieces from an old puzzle (hopefully one that's already missing a few pieces) you have tucked away somewhere—make sure they fit together!

Glue each one to a folded piece of card stock (or a blank note card, if you have one). Place the puzzle pieces, so they aren't quite touching for the best effect. Once the puzzle pieces are in place, write, "we just fit."

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Rules of Attraction

Homemade Valentine cards with fridge magnets "Stuck on you"
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

Hugs, kisses, and hopelessly stuck-on you: To create this fun card, you'll need to grab two colorful plastic alphabet magnets. If you don't have any and don't want to purchase a set just for this craft, try adhesive letters or stickers for a similar effect.

Whatever your choice, all you need to do to create this creative Valentine's Day card is glue or stick letters onto a blank white note card or a piece of folded card stock, then write out your sweet message: "stuck on you." We can guarantee they already know that—but tangible evidence can't hurt, especially on Valentine's Day.

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Just My Type

You're Just My Type Card Valentines Day Cards
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

Whether you're both writers or love to play Scrabble together on Friday nights, this homemade Valentine's card will do the trick. We know you probably want to keep all the tiles from the board game, so we researched: You can buy extra tiles for less than $10.

As an alternative, you could also use typewriter stickers. Or, if you've waited until the very last minute, you can print out a picture of an old-fashioned typewriter, cut around the edges, and glue it onto the card. For the inside, print out a romantic quote using the same font.

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Nuts For You

Homemade Valentine cards with peanuts
Philip Friedman; Styling: Blake Ramsey

If your best friend or significant other cracks you up with clever text messages or a solid string of jokes during dinner, you'll gravitate toward a "punny" Valentine's Day card.

To make this funny Valentine's Day card, buy a bag of unshelled peanuts, then glue a duo onto a folded white card stock or a blank notecard. Use a permanent marker (or pre-print the message in any font you'd like) to spell out "I'm nuts for you."

This card won't fit in an envelope, so it's best suited for a gift bag—you could also leave it out on the counter for a post-school surprise for your kids. Pair it with a cute kid-friendly Valentine's day gift.

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Macaroni Valentine

Macaroni Valentine
Emily Kinni

This kid-friendly Valentine's day craft was developed by Morgan Levine. The embellished macaroni hearts are an adorable way to help your kids show someone they care.

Start by folding a piece of card stock to create the card. Cut a heart out of the card stock in a contrasting color. Glue the heart to the front of the card. Attach raw macaroni around or inside the card stock heart using craft glue dots. Embellish the card using a felt tip marker or any other decorating tool you prefer.

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Fish Valentine

Fish Valentine
Emily Kinni

This Valentine's Day card, also developed by Morgan Levine, is ideal for the outdoor adventurer in your life.

Start by using a PDF picture of a fish to print out this image on colored paper. Carefully cut on the image. Pleat the fins and tail by folding them accordion-style—bending them slightly.

To assemble the fish, use double-stick tape. Be careful when putting it into the envelope so the fish, tail, and fins do not flatten.

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Butterfly Valentine

Butterfly Valentine
Emily Kinni

Morgan Levine developed this butterfly Valentine's Day card using construction paper and googly eyes. Fold colored construction paper in half and cut out a set of butterfly wings. Decorate the wings with a felt tip pen. Punch two holes in the center of the butterfly, and weave a lollipop stem through the holes. Glue a set of googly eyes to the head of the lollipop.

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Pencil Arrow Valentine

Pencil Arrow Valentine
Emily Kinni

As a symbol of being "struck by true love," arrowheads and hearts make this adorable homemade Valentine's Day card by Morgan Levine. Start by cutting two arrowhead shapes and two fletching shapes (the technical term for the fringes on the back of the arrow) out of colored card stock.

Glue the edges of the arrowheads together and insert the tip of the pencil, and then glue the fletching shapes to the eraser side of the pencil. Cut out a heart tag and use a gel pen to write a message. We love pencil puns, like "You're just write." Tie the tag to the pencil with baker's twine.

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Frog Valentine

Frog Valentine
Emily Kinni

Developed by Morgan Levine, this "Hoppy Valentine's Day!" card is as adorable as it is punny. Purchase plastic frogs online or at your local craft store. Cut hearts out of pink construction paper.

Use glue dots to attach a plastic frog to a paper heart. Use gel pens to write your Valentine a note—we love, "You make my heart leap!"

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Thumbprint Valentine

Thumbprint Valentine
Emily Kinni

Use a red or pink ink pad to create thumbprint hearts on blank white stationery. Two ink colors will make the card even prettier. Morgan Levine developed this Valentine's Day card, which uses thumbprint hearts to arrange the shapes into a caterpillar, creating a "love bug." Embellish each design with a thin felt tip pen, and write your note along the bottom.

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Funny Face Valentine

Funny Face Valentine
Emily Kinni

Cut a note card or card stock into a circle using wavy-edged craft scissors to get scalloped edges. Apply bright lipstick and kiss each note card. Draw eyes and a nose to make funny faces, and write your Valentine a note on the back of the card. Morgan Levine developed this card.

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Snake Valentine

Snake Valentine
Emily Kinni

This Valentine's Day card by Morgan Levine starts with green or yellow construction paper and a spiral cut. Finish the outer edge of the spiral with a snakehead. The head should be wider than the rest of the body.

Use a gel pen to embellish with eyes and scales. Write a note down the body of the snake—look for words with the letter "s," like "You're the besssssssst." Keep the positivity flowing by pairing this card with a Valentine's Day gift basket to send to loved ones.

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