The store's selection of sweet and savory treats might just make for your best Thanksgiving yet.

By Rachel Sylvester
Updated November 15, 2018
Trader Joe's Thanksgiving Products Tout
Credit: Trader Joe's

The only thing on our minds right now (aside from Black Friday deals) is exactly what we plan to devour on Thanksgiving (or Friendsgiving). Fortunately, Trader Joe’s came through with crave-inducing Thanksgiving offerings that just may beat out your mom’s famous pecan pie in the delicious department.

In fact, the seasonal dessert selection at Trader Joe’s is so good, you may want to skip homemade sweets entirely. Enter the one sweet treat to add to your shopping cart: TJ’s Apple Cranberry Tart. The flaky, $4 dessert is perfectly tart, and the hand-folded crust is just rustic enough that you can totally convince your fam you baked the sweet from scratch.

Of course, the Thanksgiving-appropriate fare doesn’t stop there. From the looks of Trader Joe’s Instagram account, a savory Broccoli and Cauliflower Gratin is also available in store, along with Holiday Herb Rolls that are bound to become your new favorite carb. Sure, you can serve the pull-apart bread with butter, but we're willing to bet the rolls taste just as good when used to make leftover turkey sandwiches or stuffing-flavored croutons.

TJ’s also shared a photo of their Turkey and Stuffing Seasoned Potato Chips crushed over a Thanksgiving casserole, prompting our mouths to water even more than they were before.

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