7 DIY Thanksgiving Table Decorations for Kids

These crafts are a fun way to get your kids involved with Turkey Day prep. When you’re done making them together, ask them to help set the table too.

Crafts developed by Morgan Levine


Mayflower Crayon Holder

Photo by Emily Kinni

Keep the kids occupied at the table by putting down some paper placemats and supplying crayons for a drawing activity. These crayon boat holders are Thanksgiving-appropriate (they’re not-quite-exact replicas of the Mayflower) and they’ll keep the table from becoming overrun.

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Turkey Place Card Holder

Photo by Emily Kinni

Assigning seats just got a little more fun with these adorable turkey place card holders made from pinecones, pom poms, and pipe cleaners.

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Cutlery Envelope

Photo by Emily Kinni

This is the easiest decoration yet: Just print out the template, cut it out, and put it together with washi tape.

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Branch Centerpiece

Photo by Emily Kinni

Instead of a floral centerpiece, opt for this crafty one. Have the kids (and adults) write what they’re thankful for on the paper leaves before hanging them on the branch.

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Turkey Cups

Photo by Emily Kinni

Give plain cups the turkey treatment. Kids will love drinking seasonal juices or sparkling cider from these.

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Wood Coasters

Photo by Emily Kinni

Protect your surfaces with these wood slice coasters. After Turkey Day, pack them away and bring them back out for fall parties next year.

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Acorn Face Napkin Ring

Photo by Emily Kinni

Add a little bit of extra personality to your table with these acorn napkin rings. Kids will love drawing faces on them and you can help them tie the cord when they’re done.

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