10 Party Supplies Every Thanksgiving Host Needs

From vintage serving spoons to paper plates that look anything but disposable, these Etsy finds are sure to take (some) of the effort out of planning and hosting a Thanksgiving meal.


Thanksgiving Paper Straws Mix

Photo by etsy.com

Add festive flair to cocktails—or to the kids’ table—with an assortment of decorative paper straws in autumnal colors, like yellow, orange, red, and brown.

To buy: $4 for 12, etsy.com.


Vintage Chic Paper Plates

Photo by etsy.com

When the sink is full to the brim with dirty dishes, serve dessert on these disposable “china” plates—without sacrificing the sophistication the holiday calls for.

To buy: $8 for 12, etsy.com.


Autumn Holiday Linen Napkins

Photo by etsy.com

Natural linen napkins are stamped with a phrase that will remind all of your guests why you’re gathered at the table. And, since the message isn’t Thanksgiving-specific, you can use these pretty napkins all year long.

To buy: $16 for four, etsy.com.


Hand-Stamped Disposable Utensils

Photo by etsy.com

Hand-stamped with a leaf design, these birch-wood utensils are ideal for a larger, more informal holiday event—like Friendsgiving—when washing a pile of dishes is the last thing you want to do. Choose spoons or forks, and select one or more of five available colors.

To buy: $10 for 20, etsy.com.


Thanksgiving Serving Set

Photo by etsy.com

This charming set leaves no question as to whether you have enough utensils for all the delicacies on the table. Each vintage piece is hand-stamped with the name of the dish it’s intended to serve—turkey, butter, potatoes, stuffing, and veggies.

To buy: $70, etsy.com.


Linen Pinafore Apron

Photo by etsy.com

Keep splatters of cranberry sauce off of your holiday outfit with this adjustable apron. Five front pockets ensure there’s plenty of room for all of the kitchen tools—thermometer, spatula, and more—a huge feast requires. Available in black, white, and natural beige.

To buy: $50, etsy.com.


Fall Mason Jars

Photo by etsy.com

Everyone’s favorite multi-purpose jar gets a holiday makeover with a coat of matte brown, burgundy, and burnt orange paint. Fill the pint-size trio with flowers and use as a centerpiece or to dress up the table in your entryway.

To buy: $16 for three, etsy.com.


Napkin Ring Menu

Photo by etsy.com

Considering the effort you’ve put into preparing dinner, your table should be dressed to fit the occasion. This printable PDF does triple duty: It spells out what’s on the menu, corrals silverware and napkins, and looks classy.

To buy: $6.50 for printable PDF, etsy.com


Plastic Champagne Glasses

Photo by etsy.com

These flutes may be disposable, but they look just as elegant as the crystal variety. Use them to supplement your own set and keep the amount of dirty dishes in check.

To buy: $18 for 12, etsy.com.


Lidded Pie Slice Boxes

Photo by etsy.com

When everyone is too stuffed with mashed potatoes and turkey to dig into that pumpkin pie, package individual slices in these cute kraft paper boxes. The boxes come complete with baker’s twine and disposable forks, so you can send each guest home with a treat that’s ready to eat.

To buy: $30 for 25, etsy.com.