9 Gorgeous Thanksgiving Flower Arrangement Ideas From the Pros

Bring the colors of the season into your home for a vibrant, cozy feel.

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Thanksgiving flower arrangements ideas
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When it comes to Thanksgiving table decor, some people go big every November, while others focus more on the turkey (the real star of the day) and other food items. There's no one right way to decorate for Thanksgiving, but there is one decoration that is sure to impress everyone who sees it, and that's a Thanksgiving flower arrangement. Flowers may be more commonly associated with spring and summer, but there's incredible beauty in the florals and greenery of autumn, and a good Thanksgiving floral arrangement can put all that on display.

Loving the look of Thanksgiving flowers and being able to pull off your own arrangement—whether it's for your table centerpiece or a side table—are two very different things, unfortunately. Still, it's quite possible to learn how to arrange flowers for your own Thanksgiving floral arrangement, and we found nine floral experts who can help.

Read on for nine beautiful Thanksgiving flower arrangements, plus advice from our experts on making your own. From picking blooms to placing all your sprigs and branches, this guide will have you crafting a beautiful arrangement for your Thanksgiving feast (or Friendsgiving) before you can finish picking the right Thanksgiving quotes for your inevitable posts about the final product.

Pay Attention to Texture

Bride & Blossom Flower Arrangement
Bride & Blossom

"Texture and color are essential when creating a unique Thanksgiving centerpiece. This arrangement features a lush mixture of rich colors and blooms, including red Mokara orchids, red Cymbidium orchids, amber Football mums, green 'antique' hydrangea, and red-orange bi-color roses. It's all about using flowers and colors that you wouldn't normally pair together, creating an element of surprise. Take a few fresh berries before you start on your pies and cut some branch accents from your garden to spruce up your centerpiece."

Rachel Trimarco, Bride & Blossom

Don't Forget About Greens

Matthew Robbins Tablescape
Heather Waraska

"Rather than a traditional arrangement, a selection of green plants in metal containers looks festive but not overtly 'holiday.' Mix in candles or lanterns on the table to pull everything together and create a warm glow on your table."

—Matthew Robbins, Matthew Robbins Design

Think About Height

The Bouqs Flower Arrangement
The Bouqs

"Thanksgiving makes me think of two things: Being with family and the beautiful colors of autumn. When making my festive autumn-themed arrangements, I always want to utilize a mixture of bright and colorful, yet still earthy, flowers. Remember to display your arrangement so that people can still see one another across the table and have a conversation without any obstructions."

—Eric Buterbaugh, The Bouqs

Find a Unique Vase

Lily Greenthumb Flower Arrangement
Lily Greenthumb's

"For your holiday table this year, think outside of the box...or in this case, the vase! A hammered copper champagne bucket is just the ticket for a special arrangement."

Karen Greenoe, Lily Greenthumb's

Experiment With Non-Traditional Flowers

Flower Girl NYC Flower Arrangement
Laily Mesbah

"Have fun with your table. Here, we used light and dark tones in a birch vessel: Some seasonal items like oak, brunia, thistle, and nigella, mixed in with some non-traditional (for the Thanksgiving season) flowers like Vanda orchids, Caraluna garden roses, and anemones. We like our arrangements to feel lush and seasonal, but still have an edge—add some colored or black taper candles for an even more dramatic tablescape."

Denise Porcaro, Flower Girl NYC

Create Groupings

B Floral Flower Arrangement
B Floral

"You can stay within the same festive color palette without being monotonous. Create a variety of arrangements within the same color palette and group them together in a cluster on the table. There's variety, but the similar hues help tie it all together to create the perfect autumnal centerpiece. We also suggest using leaf wrap in your vases to keep consistency among your centerpieces."

Bronwen Smith, B Floral

Incorporate Fall Fruit

Ariel Dearie Flower Arrangement
Ariel Dearie Flowers

"This arrangement pairs lush garden roses with some of my favorite autumn elements: forsythia branches, dates, and persimmons. When creating this arrangement, I allowed the beautiful lines of the forsythia to create a sculptural base, and then blended in the roses and dates. I kept the palette simple to allow the textures to really pop."

Ariel Dearie, Ariel Dearie Flowers

Go Dramatic

Petal by Pedal Flower Arrangement
Petal by Pedal

"In addition to the usual dahlia, snapdragon, verbena, sage, celosia, and eucalyptus that are such staples for us during the fall season, it also means integrating incredible earthy dark tones our local growers are harvesting, like branches, cat tails, flowering kale, chocolate cosmos, and even edible black chili peppers. For something like a Thanksgiving centerpiece, try something dramatic, romantic, and natural—it's all about bounty and gratitude, and you want your flowers to evoke that feeling on the table."

—Kate Gilman, Petal by Pedal

Find Inspiration in Foliage

Frederique's Choice Flower Arrangement
Frederique's Choice

"I love the fall season—the foliage colors are always so magical. The changing colors of the leaves are such an inspiration. Incorporate orange and a hint of rustic red in your fall arrangements, which you can always complement with some greens and pinks. You can also pick up some fall leaves and put them around the bouquet for an extra seasonal element."

Frederique van der Wal, Frederique's Choice

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