One-Day Thanksgiving Checklist

We made this meal in one day (actually, we did it three times), to be sure that you could, too. Here’s how to pull it off.


  1. Check

    Stuff the thyme butter under the turkey skin and bring the turkey to room temperature.

  2. Check

    Make the cranberry relish.

  3. Check

    Trim the spinach.

  4. Check

    Prepare the stuffing (do not bake).

  5. Check

    Toast the pecans.

  6. Check

    Wash and spin-dry the frisée and lettuce.

  7. Check

    Make the dressing.

  8. Check

    Make the cake.

2 Hours Before Dinner

  1. Check

    Roast the turkey.

1 Hour Before Dinner

  1. Check

    Bake the stuffing.

  2. Check

    Bake the sweet potatoes (do not broil).

30 Minutes Before Dinner

  1. Check

    Make the mashed potatoes.

  2. Check

    Make the gravy.

Just Before Dinner

  1. Check

    Make the spinach.

  2. Check

    Top the sweet potatoes with the cheese and broil.

  3. Check

    Toss the salad.