It's the holiday we need in these unprecedented times.

The Thanksgivings I grew up with were nearly Norman Rockwell perfect—large family gathered around the tables dressed in their finest, a raucous set of cousins at the kids' table, Grandma (and later Mom) spending the day churning out an impressive Thanksgiving feast.

And while I definitely miss those big traditional Thanksgivings, I've developed the recipe for a perfect holiday, which I think will be the ideal way to celebrate this Thursday. We call it Pajama Thanksgiving, and you might just call it the #BestThanksgivingEver.

The invitation list is small (just my family and our very dearest friends). The attire, as the name suggests, is very (very) casual. The event itself is as lazy as humanly possible—we gather for bagels sometime during the Macy's Parade, and spend the entire day eating, laughing and. talking.

There's a signature cocktail (prosecco with a splash of cranberry juice and a hint of lime, topped off with a sugared rim and a sprig of rosemary—no measuring on Pajama Thanksgiving). The rest of the menu, with the exception of my friend's signature mac and cheese, is ordered in and reheated as we dig into snacks, mix up another cocktail, or make that essential holiday video call to our far-flung families, celebrating states away.

It's the ultimate no-pressure holiday—no contending with holiday traffic, a bare minimum of decorating and cooking. We don't even have to get dressed. And since it's with the family we chose, there's none of the "how to deal with your cousin who has the exact opposite beliefs as you" drama.

Because it's 2020 and the forecast looks gloomy, this year's celebration looks a little different. Our families each ordered in their own takeout feast, and we'll be swapping pie and mac and cheese outdoors sometime later in the day. But we've already decided to leave our desktop computers on via Zoom or FaceTime, so people can wander in and out and chat all day long. And we'll raise a glass to happy memories—and happier days ahead.