Stock up now for a stress-free holiday.

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Rimmed Baking Sheet

A sturdy rimmed baking sheet (also called a half sheet tray) can be used to roast a side of vegetables (such as maple-roasted brussels sprouts and carrots), bake a batch of golden flaky biscuits, or toast nuts for salads and stuffings. We love that this one has a large surface (18-by-13 inches) and cooks foods evenly. Plus, we guarantee you’ll use it all year round.

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Potato Ricer

When it comes to creamy, fluffy mashed potatoes, there’s one major no-no: using a blender or food processor to whip them. Though it may seem like a time-saver, it will result in gluey potatoes. Instead, invest in a ricer, which turns hot potatoes into a silky-smooth mash. Be sure to pass them through the ricer while they’re hot, which will keep the potatoes from becoming gummy.

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Y Peeler

Speaking of potatoes, you’re going to need to peel them—which is where this trusty tool comes in hand. It can also transform blocks of Parmesan into shavings for salads, create strips of orange zest for sangria, or turn a bar of chocolate into a pretty pie garnish.

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The fine holes in a microplane ensure that only the zest of citrus makes it into your vinaigrette (or spinach dip, or squash soup) —not the bitter white pith. But a Microplane is great for more than just zest. Use it to finely grate hard cheeses, too.

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Oven Mitts

Busy days in the kitchen call for oven mitts you can trust. We love this signature mitt from Williams Sonoma, which has a thick protective cotton terry interior. Just be sure to keep it dry—a wet mitt or dish towel won’t keep your fingers protected from the heat.

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Instant-Read Thermometer

Take the guesswork out of the Thanksgiving turkey and invest in an instant-read thermometer, which is also great for steaks, chops, and roasts. This one has a large easy-to-read display, so you’ll know when the bird reaches 165°F.

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1-Quart Measuring Cup

Whether you’re measuring chicken stock for stuffing or milk for mashed potatoes, you’ll be thankful to have a larger liquid measuring cup on hand. We love that this easy-to-read Pyrex is microwave-safe, too.

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