Don’t know what to do with all the leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving? Try making these easy leftover cranberry sauce recipes.

By Betty Gold and Grace Elkus
Updated November 14, 2019

Cranberry sauce is a mainstay at the Thanksgiving table. But once the big meal is over, you likely want to re-purpose it into something a little different. Wondering what to do with leftover cranberry sauce? It can be used in a variety of sweet and savory recipes, spanning appetizers to dessert. It can be stored in the refrigerator for up to one week, or frozen for a month or two. Below, see our suggestions for delicious cranberry sauce recipes.

Greg DuPree

Baked Brie With Cranberry Sauce

Tart cranberries pair deliciously with creamy brie or camembert cheese. Simply spoon the leftover cranberry sauce over a round of brie. Top with chopped toasted pecans and garnish with fresh rosemary. Serve warm with toasty bread, like in our Baked Brie With Cranberry Compote and Pecans, for a crowd-pleasing appetizer.

Con Poulos

Oatmeal With Cranberry Sauce

Yes, you can eat leftover cranberry sauce for breakfast (and we’ll guarantee you’ll love it). A bowl of warm oatmeal is a blank slate for flavor, which is why tart cranberry sauce is the perfect accompaniment. In fact, we took inspiration from our Baked Oatmeal With Cranberries and Almonds. Simply spoon leftover cranberry sauce on top of creamy oats. It would also be great atop pancakes or waffles.

Max Kelly

Vanilla Ice Cream With Cranberry Sauce

Adding a tart flavor to dessert is a great way to keep it from being cloyingly sweet. That’s why we like spooning leftover cranberry sauce over vanilla ice cream (or gelato, or sorbet) for the easiest, most satisfying dessert you’ll eat this holiday season. Switch it up and try our No-Churn Pumpkin Ice Cream With Cranberry-Raspberry Compote, too.

Spiced Cranberry Toaster Tarts

These sweet-tart treats are a grown-up version of those super sugary breakfast pastries you loved as a kid. Rather than cooking dried cranberries with marmalade and spices, go ahead and spread the dough with your leftover cranberry sauce before baking. It's the perfect morning-after-the-meal breakfast bite.

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Wild Rice and Mushroom Pilaf With Cranberries

Whether you prefer fresh or from-a-can, this Wild Rice and Mushroom Pilaf is a delicious way to use your leftover cranberry sauce. The savoriness of mushrooms and onions pairs perfectly with sweet-tart cranberries. It's vegetarian-friendly, too.

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Cranberry-Lingonberry Sauce

Here, your leftover cranberries mingle with lingonberries, their crimson-colored Scandinavian cousin. If you don't have a whole pound of cranberries leftover, don't worry. This recipe's forgiving, but do your best to reduce the other ingredients in similar proportions.

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Cranberry Ricotta Cake

Here, you'll combine of fresh cranberries with butter, sugar, and ricotta cheese for a delicious dessert. The best part is that this cake is beyond easy to bake, and chances are, you probably have all of the ingredients in your pantry.

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