The Barefoot Contessa just shared some tips on her Instagram.

By Sarah Yang
Updated November 21, 2017
NBC NewsWire/Getty Images

Your grocery shopping list is ready, the silverware is polished, and you’ve stacked fluffy hand towels in the guest bathroom. Everything might be ready for the big day, but who couldn't stand to learn a few more pointers from Ina Garten, the ultimate hostess and cook? The Barefoot Contessa just shared her best tips for your Thanksgiving table and centerpiece on her Instagram.

Ina set a simple and colorful table that anyone can pull off at home: “It doesn’t have to be fancy, but at this time of year I like a little color and one pretty plate to give the setting some style.” She topped an autumnal golden tablecloth with her existing white china, silverware, and glassware, accented with nature-themed plates mixed in.

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Ina suggests creating your floral arrangements a day or two before so they can fully bloom just in time for Thanksgiving Day. She also suggests changing up the color scheme by adding unexpectedly bold colors. “Autumn flowers can be difficult because they tend to be dark colors—purples, burgundies, and dark oranges,” she wrote in one post. “I like to combine them with touches of bright green and pops of brighter orange to make the arrangement come alive.”