Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

Whether hosting a house-full or a handful this November, search through our collection of Thanksgiving ideas for centerpieces, door décor, recipes, and more. Learn how to incorporate autumnal elements into your Thanksgiving decorations with project how-tos for the avid DIY-er and product suggestions for a more immediate impact. Set the table (and the mood) using our plethora of tabletop décor ideas to fit styles ranging from classic and traditional to minimalist and modern. You’ll even find floral arranging tips from top pros along with simple place card ideas to complete your tablescape. Speaking of which, we’ve come up with inventive, beautiful pumpkin centerpieces that will really bring your whole table together. No time? Opt for a 15-minute centerpiece instead. Or outsource the whole thing to the children with these creative, kid-friendly crafts (like an acorn face napkin ring) that double as Thanksgiving table decorations. These creative touches will bring your whole celebration together.

Thanksgiving Preparation Checklist

Spend more time planning and you’ll spend less time panicking, says New Jersey native Judith Bluysen, co-owner of Thanksgiving, an American grocery store, restaurant, and catering business in Paris. Each fall Bluysen and her team of five prepare more than 150 take-out turkeys and turkey dinners. She sticks to a schedule. Here’s how you can, too.

10 Common Thanksgiving Problems, Solved

Quick fixes for common Thanksgiving cooking crises―from an overflowing refrigerator to an undercooked turkey―will guarantee a terrific meal.

24 Thanksgiving Recipes To Make in Advance

Get ahead of the kitchen chaos with great recipes with make-ahead cooking tips.

30 Thanksgiving Table Decor Ideas for 2017

Set the table in style this Thanksgiving.

DIY Thanksgiving Centerpieces

For the price of a typical holiday centerpiece (and practically no effort at all), you can create your own table display with a cornucopia of everyday items. Have a seat—we’ll show you how.

5 Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Space With Flowers

You don’t have to spend a bundle on an impressive outsourced Thanksgiving centerpiece. Follow these expert tips to create your own beautiful bouquet.

12 Gorgeous Finds for Your Holiday Table (and Beyond)

Want a new look for your dining table? This array of beautiful, affordable linens—napkins, runners, and more—has you covered.

Secrets to a Spectacular Centerpiece

Unique and beautiful ways to dress your holiday table.

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